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Did you hear that the US bobsled team put Donald Trump's picture on the front of the sled?

Apparently nobody else can make America go downhill faster.

How are the Jamaican bobsled team and h**... alike?

Neither could finish a race

To The Jamaican Bobsled Team

After the Winter Olympics, one fellow is so taken with the Jamaican bobsled team that he decides that they deserve an epic scale statue in Jamaica. He travels to Jamaica, and talks with every government official and rich person he can find. All of them chase him off saying that it's a crazy idea, and never bother them again. Finally, despondent at his reception, he goes to a shore side bar, and starts drinking this troubles away. The bartender, in that wonderful island accent asks what the problem is. The fellow goes through the spiel again. The bartender thinks for a moment and says:
"Mon, you mental!"
To which the fellow responds:
"Finally! Someone gets it!"

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