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  1. I just turned on nickelodeon and saw bob the builder building a wall... ... to keep dora from exploring.
  2. What do you call Bob the builder during a recession? Bob
    (I'm sorry idk why, but I had to post this)
  3. Bob the builder A drunk Bob the Builder calls his ex-wife at 3am & screams into the answering machine CAN WE FIX IT?? CAN WE?? Not this time Bob. Not this time.
  4. Everything is so political nowadays I turned on nickelodeon to see Bob the builder building a wall so Dora couldn't explore.
  5. Yo momma so ugly... That even Bob the builder said he can't fix it.
    Credit to my 8 year old nephew.
  6. Bob the Builder sacked! The BBC have announced that Bob The Builder has been sacked.. They say they can no longer trust any children's Tv star who claims to be able to fix it!!
  7. Who is Bob the builders worst enemy? Abdulla the destroyer.
    Don't get butthurt I'm a muslim myself
  8. How do you call Bob the Builder when he is unemployed? Bob
  9. what do people call bob the builder when he's not building anything? bob
  10. Yo mama is so ugly, Bob the Builder said: '' holy f*c**... we can't fix that.''

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  1. What was Bob the Builder called when he retired? Bob
  2. What do you call unemployed Bob the builder? Bob
  3. What do you call Bob the builder after he retires? Bob
  4. You're momma so ugly That when bob the builder see her he says I can't fix that
  5. I'm surprised Bob the Builder ever gets anything done He's surrounded by tools
  6. How does Bob the Builder have a one night stand? He nuts and bolts
  7. Yo momma so ugly That when bob the builder saw her he said I can't fix that
  8. Whatever happened to the Bob the Builder kids show? Handy Manny took his job.
  9. You're so sad that even Bob the Builder can't fix your life.
  10. Yo mamma so ugly even Bob the Builder said, "We cant fix it."
  11. Yo mamas so ugly when Bob the builder saw her he said "Oh cannot fix that."
  12. Bob the Builder asks if we can fix it, Chuck Norris already did.
  13. Which Indian builder is know all over the world? Bob
  14. What is Bob the Builder called when he dies? Bob.
  15. Bob the Builder can build anything, Except a more unified America.

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