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An American and a Russian were talking in a bar

The American began to boast about his country, claiming it's the land of the free.

"I could walk straight up to the White House and shout "Death to the American President" and nothing happens to me."

Hearing this the Russian smirked

"I too can walk up to the Kremlin and shout " Death to the American President", nothing bad happens to me either"

Three Christian mothers are having afternoon tea and boast about their sons.

The first mother says, "My son is the worship band leader. When he walks past the congregation, they go:

'Oh worship leader! Oh worship leader!'"

"Wow, that's great!" they exclaim.

Not to be outdone, the second mother adds, "Well, MY son is the pastor. When he walks past the church, they go:

'Oh pastor! Oh pastor!'"

The other two shout, "Oh my, how impressive!"

The third mother is beaming with pride and says, "Well, MY son is 4 feet tall and 800 pounds. When he walks past the church, they go:

'MY GOD!'"

I don't usually boast about my finances

But my credit card company calls me everyday to tell me my balance is outstanding

Boast joke, I don't usually boast about my finances

I was just boasting at work about how I'm currently sleeping with a set of twins...

All the lads were very impressed but one asked;
"How do you tell them apart?"
"Easy", I said, "Michelle has long blonde hair and Dave has a moustache."

There was a meeting for evil clowns to boast about their evil

First, pennywise stepped up and said,"I've killed millions of children!"
Then the joker stepped up and said," I've killed millions of adults without any super powers!"
Then the last of the group, Ronald Mcdonald, stepped up with a smile.
" I've killed millions of all ages without any super powers AND they paid me for it!!"

I'm not trying to boast here...

But I went 0 to 60 in about 47 years.

Where others used to bloat facial features or apply some filters to make someone look ugly.

I could proudly boast #NoFilter

Boast joke, Where others used to bloat facial features or apply some filters to make someone look ugly.

I hate it when people boast about not reading books and being poor at spelling

Ignorince isn't a virtue

Why did the man from Bilbao boast when he won the marathon?

He wanted to Basque in his glory

Most countries can boast that their intelligence agencies installed spies in foreign countries.

The Russians can boast that they installed a president.

My cousin told me that she was pregnant, and i was the father.

I responded unusual boast, but acceptable

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What does the North Korean missile crisis and my labido have in common?

It boast and blast off proudly. And collapses quickly


Carly can now boast that she's run a major computer company and a presidential campaign into the ground.

Test boast, please ignore.

Mitochondria are better than yourtochondria. 

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