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Funniest Board Game Short Jokes

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  1. Yesterday I robbed the oversized board game store It was a huge Risk that I was willing to take
  2. I almost got caught trying to steal a board game yesterday it was a risk I was willing to take
  3. Board Game Shop Me: I want a dice.
    Clerk: The correct term is 'die'.
    Me: I want 2 die.
    Clerk: Plural is dice, alone it's die.
    Me: I want 2 die alone.
  4. I tried donating two classic board games to a thrift store, but they said they could only take one. I asked which one they wanted and they said... Sorry. We don't want any Trouble.
  5. I nearly got caught stealing a board game the other day It was a risk I was willing to take.
  6. I wasn't allowed to bring my board game onto the airplane They told me the risk was too big.
  7. I have now stolen 56 copies of the board game "Risk" from local retailers. When they eventually catch me, I'll say "Life is all about taking Risks."
  8. My wife told me that if i buy another board game she will dump me Maybe i shouldn't take that risk
  9. I found out my wife has been playing board games with another man. Turns out she's monopolyamorous.
  10. I'm a kleptomaniac with a proclivity for stealing strategy board games. I like to take risks.

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Board Game One Liners

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  1. I like Ouija boards It's the only game I can still play with grandma.
  2. What is Canada's national board game? Sorry
  3. I know a friend who keeps stealing board games... He's such a risk taker
  4. What's a Canadian's favorite board game? Sorry!
  5. What's the most popular board game in Canada Sorry.
  6. A man and his wife play a board game, the man beats her. Because she won.
  7. What's a Liberal Arts Major's Favorite Board Game?...... Trivial Pursuit.
  8. How does Mario communicate after he dies in the game? He uses a Luigi board.
  9. I was asked why I put my valuables in a Monopoly board game box. Better safe than SORRY!
  10. When the robber tried to rob a board game store at gunpoint.. He was asking for trouble
  11. Why don't they play board games in Africa? Because there's to many cheetahs.
  12. What board game do they have in Concentration Camps? Jewmanji
  13. I was arrested for stealing board games, in my defence... In life, you should take risks.
  14. Idea for a board game BONOPOLY - Similar to Monopoly, but where the streets have no name.
  15. How did Mario bring back his brother after he got a Game Over? He used a Luigi Board.

Risk Board Game Jokes

Here is a list of funny risk board game jokes and even better risk board game puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • I didn't know which board game to buy, so I chose at random... It was worth taking the risk.
  • I was seriously considering stealing a military strategy board game from the store yesterday... ...but i didnt. Im not much of a Risk taker.
  • My mate got fired from his job recently. He was working in a board games shop, he got fired for stealing.
    He was taking a lot of risks.
  • My dad, contemplating Brexit and the board game Risk, "Well, Europe has always been hard to hold."
  • My lawyer friend loves board games... ...but he has been sad lately, ever since he started that Risk-free 30-day trial.
  • I wasn't allowed to bring a board game in on an airplane. The Risk was too big.
  • I've never lost a game of Risk. I've lost a lot of pieces flipping the board over and storming out, though.
  • Hear about the thief who robbed a board game store? He took a Risk and got Life.
  • So this customs officer told me I couldn't bring my board game... He said the risk was too big.

Monopoly Board Game Jokes

Here is a list of funny monopoly board game jokes and even better monopoly board game puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • If all diplomatic issues could be solved with a board game like monopoly, we wouldn't see the current levels violence in the world. No, they'd be *way* higher.
  • When it comes to board games about buying real estate... Hasbro really has the Monopoly.
  • Everything in Life, I learned from a board game Monopoly.
  • There is Deadpool Monopoly, Sea World Monopoly, Simpson's Monopoly.... It's like they monopolized the board games industry
  • Don't Invite Satan Over To Play Board Games... ...because last time I did it, he took the dice we used to play Monopoly.
    Now I have a pair of dice lost.
  • Why am I in the jail for no reason? Because I'm in the Monopoly Board Game! And I landed in Go To Jail to jail me for no reason!
  • What's Joseph Stalins least favourite board game? Monopoly.

Ouija Board Game Jokes

Here is a list of funny ouija board game jokes and even better ouija board game puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • I donated some old board games to my local daycare. Hope those kids like Ouija Boards...
  • An American asks his friends who are French and German, What type of board game do you wanna play? The two friends said Ouija.
  • What is French Super Mario's favorite board game? Le Ouija

Giggle-Inducing Board Game Jokes for Joyful Times with Friends

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Jenga Towers

At Highschool we have a test every week and my teacher lets the person with the highest score bring in their favourite board game. For years, my favourite game has been Jenga, the falling towers game.
So on friday the 8th in the first week of September I finally get the highest score and the teacher tells me I can bring in a board game on monday.
mfw I walk into class on 9/11 with Jenga and I'm a muslim...

What is a k**... member's favorite board game?

CROSS fire

What do the members of Coldplay use to play board games?

A pair o', pair o', pair o' dice.

A Board Game Walks into a Bar...

The bartender says, "look, we don't want any Trouble!"


You shouldn't play board games whilst driving, you might miss your turn.

My friends wanted to play a board game

My friends wanted to play a board game but we couldn't find a game that we were all in the mood for.
We finally settled on Catan.

I caught my wife cheating with my best friend.

She was upset that I was always beating her, and he was jealous of how much money and property I had.
I was so angry when I caught them that I flipped the game board over and left them to pick up all the pieces.

What is a rabbi's favorite board game?


caught my wife of 7 years cheating with my best friend.

I caught my wife of 7 years cheating with my best friend, whom I had known since preschool. I can't believe they'd do this to me.
Listen, I'm not a bad guy. I'll grant you that my wife was upset that I was always beating her, and my best friend? He was simply jealous of how much money and property I had.
At my wit's end, I was so angry that when I caught them, I flipped the game board over and left them to pick up all the pieces.

Plank goes to a ball game

A small plank of wood goes to Watch a baseball game. For the first few innings, the plank is super into it. But by the seventh inning, its interest starts to fade.
A man nearby notices the fading enjoyment and starts up a conversation.
"Hey man, how you liking the game?" He asks.
"I really like it. I think it's pretty cool" the small plank replies.
"Really," says the man, "cuz it seems to me like you're a little board."

Asia and his father are playing a board game.

Asia's father takes his turn.
He looks at Asia and says, "Europe, Asia."

What is a t**...'s favorite board game?

Tumbling Towers.

It might be good at board games, but don't let DeepMind handle your video camera.

It's been known to trash Go Pros

"Dad, I don't know what this board game is called and this makes me upset!"

"Well, that's life" the dad replied.

Why aren't cops any good at playing the board game "Clue?"

There are no black guys to blame.

What's h**...'s favorite board game?

Gas Who?

Why isnt there a black guy in the board game, "clue"?

Because then it would be called "solved".

during the war when board games were i**..., my granddad was put in jail

He was a Yahtzee sympathiser

Why did the board game factory close?

It was counter productive.

What popular board game do dyslexics hate?


I like my women like I like my board games...

Ages 7-99.

What is a priest's favorite board game?


What do you call someone who doesn't own a board game where you have to find a killer?

I don't know. I'm clueless.

Have you heard of the new senior board game?

It's called "Alzhimers Hide 'N Seek".
It's single-player.

what is the most popular board game for women?


i**... is like a board game

It's fun for the whole family!

What's it called when you beat your eastern European friend at strategy board games.

Czech Mate

I'm working on a board-game that's a clone of "The Game of Life" except targeted towards cynics

It's called "Trivial Pursuit"

What's a Mexican's favourite board game?

Hombre Hombre Hippos

Did you guys hear about the new board game sweeping the Iberian peninsula?

Settlers of Catalan.

What did one board game say to the other?

Hey, wanna play a game? I'm board.

We surprised my brother with a board game for his birthday

And he didn't have a clue!

What do you call a board game for a family that lives underground?

"Fun for hole family."

What is a German's favourite board game in 1940


My uncle was put in prison in World War II when board games were i**...

They found out he was a Yahtzee sympathiser

What's an anti-vaxxers favorite board game?

(You have diphtheria)

A Russian walks out of a bar.

That's the joke.
OC: made by me for a board game I'm making

I was playing a board game with my friends when I noticed some important pieces of the game were missing.

I asked my friend, " Are you the game owner?"
He said, "I moan but I'm straight"

What is Luis Fonsi's favorite board game?


Which board game instruction manual is the Torah?


What's Canada's favourite board game?


Did you hear about the board game which traps you in a mystical world of French cuisine from which you must eat you way out?

It's called "Je manger."

What's New York's most popular board game?

Hungry Hungry Hipsters.

What's a skeleton's favorite board game?

Tibial Pursuit

Bored games

They're what you play when you're board.

What board game centers around a m**... mystery?

I don't have a Clue.

What's the best board game for someone that's experienced a great deal of desperation from the opposite gender?

Men all plea

My friends and I wanted to play a board game but couldn't decide which one to play

we finally settled on Catan.

My friend lost his board game.

He's asking me to investigate, but then suspected me.
One thing for sure, I have no Clue.

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