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A Man walks into an optometrist shop

He says," I think my vision is a little blurry, I may need glasses"
"Oh you need glasses for sure"
The man is perplexed," how can you be so sure without testing,?"
"Oh, I am sure, because this is the bank"

Pill commercials nowadays be like

After just one use, derpatine fixed my knee pain and I can run again!
Consult a doctor if you're experiencing any headaches, nausea, muscle pain, blurry vision, nasal congestion, loss of sight, kidney failure, hernia, heart attacks, strokes or knee pain after using derpatine

My friend stepped in a mound of fire ants as he was dropping off his ballot last night...

He was telling me how his vision got blurry and he could hardly walk.
I first asked him if he was ok. Then I said, "that sounds like voterinterfireants to me".

I found the one

When I saw her my knees got weak and my vision got blurry. That's when I realized I drunk the wrong glass.

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