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My friend called me today and said he was going to kill himself by jumping off of a cliff that overlooked a body of water unless I stopped specifying the names of geological formations for him.

I said back, "That's a bluff".

My mum didn't think I'd give our daughter a silly name...

... but I called her Bluff.

My wife didn't believe that I would give our daughter an embarrassing name.

But I decided to call her Bluff.

A man asks out a woman...

Him: "If you don't say yes I'm going to jump off that 500 foot cliff over there."

Her: "I call that a bluff."

My wife left me because of my poker addiction.

It could also be a bluff.

A Scottish man in a kilt is having a few drinks with some friends...

...when the barmaid asks him "do you wear underwear under that kilt?" He smiles and says "Stick ya hand up there lass an see for yer self". She declines, but as the night wears on her curiosity grows so she asks again, and again he says "Stick ya hand up there lass an see for yer self". she decides to call him on his bluff and suddenly jams her hand under the kilt.
Slowly a look of Horror spreads across her face and She says " OH MY GOD! IT'S GRUESOME! The Scotsman says "I know! Keep ya hand up there an it'll grew some more!".

Son of a beech?

An oak and a maple were standing at the edge of a bluff gazing out over the vast expanse when they noticed a young sapling in the glen below.

"Oh look," said the oak. "A young son of a beech."

"Actually I think it's son of a birch," said the maple.

They turned to a male woodpecker hammering away in a nearby box elder. "Hey Woody," the oak called out. "Would you mind flying down and checking out that young sapling in the glen? Maple here says it's a son of a birch but I think it's a son of a beech."

The woodpecker flew down and a few minutes later came back, perching on one of the oak's branches. "Well," he said. "Turns out you were both wrong. That is the finest piece of ash this old pecker's gotten into in a long time."

"If you don't go out with me I'll jump off a 300-foot cliff."

"Sounds like a lot of bluff to me."

Why are cliffs good at poker?

Because they bluff

Why is it difficult to lie about the name of ocean front cliffs?

It's easy for people to call your bluff.

They thought the Night Kings threats were a bluff

But he was dead serious

A guy says "I swear left my phone on my cliff next to the beach!"

His friend says "Ok, I'll call your bluff."

Three politicians were captured by terrorists...

Terrorists: We will infect you with AIDS by injecting you with a syringe with infected blood unless you give in to our demands.

Politician G: No, i will not give in.

Politician N: We do not negotiate with terrorists.

Politician E: Go ahead, do your worst.

The terrorists & politicians were taken aback by E's audacity. The terrorists regroup & thinks this is a bluff.

The politicians huddled quietly within themselves.

Politician G & N to E: What are you doing? AIDS is a very serious matter.

E: I know, but i know i will not be infected.

G & N: How? Why not?

E: Haha, these terrorists don't know i'm wearing a condom right now.

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