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  1. There are hundreds of features on a brand-new BMW; heated seats, bluetooth audio, laser-headlights, etc... Which among them goes completely ignored? The turn signals.
  2. My friend told me that for minimal lag i should use an analogue connection instead of Bluetooth for my speaker system.... Sound advice.
  3. I expected a call last night, so I slept with my phone under my pillow. When I woke up it was gone, and there was a dollar coin in its place?!
    Must have been the Bluetooth Fairy...
  4. People dating are like Bluetooth devices They're supposed to pair up and connect but it hardly ever works
  5. I was listening to my wireless headphones while the dentist was working on my teeth. He needed to tell me something so he pulled out my earbud.
    It was a Bluetooth extraction.
  6. If duct taping a Matchbox Trans Am to one's ear and pretending it's a Bluetooth device is wrong, then maybe— hang on... I've gotta take this.
  7. Men Are Like Bluetooth Men Are Like Bluetooth…
    Always Connected When Wife Is Around…
    The Moment Wife Is Away…
    They Automatically Starts Searching For New Devices…
  8. Love should be like Bluetooth When you are close, the status should be.....connected
    When away...searching for a new device
  9. Why did the engineers of the Titanic II make sure to include a solid Bluetooth system? They didn't want the ship to get stuck syncing again.
  10. Men are like Bluetooth. When they're close they're connected, when they move further they start looking for new equipment.

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  1. My Bluetooth speaker wasn't working so I threw it into the lake... Now it's syncing.
  2. LG's new Bluetooth department is very progressive Everyone there is LGBT
  3. What do you call a phone that can't connect to Bluetooth on a kia? A Nokia
  4. Why did the iPAD go to the dentist? Because he had Bluetooth
  5. My ex-husband was like a bluetooth...
  6. How did the bird get his bluetooth to work? He had to parrot.
  7. I'm great at fixing Bluetooth headsets... ... I just repair them.
  8. What Is Bluetooth ? When your toothbrush stops working mid brushing
  9. The titanic had Bluetooth It synced
  10. People with Bluetooth headsets need a clip round the ear!
  11. водонепроницаемый противоударный Bluetooth Stereo
  12. Yo momma's so dumb She went to the dentist to get a bluetooth
  13. How do you connect a bird to bluetooth? You parrot.
  14. Why is Bluetooth called Bluetooth? Because it was a Norse king's name?
  15. What do you call a weary Viking conqueror? Bluetooth low energy

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  • My math teacher invented a Bluetooth speaker, made entirely out of wood... He called it a logarythm
Bluetooth joke, My math teacher invented a Bluetooth speaker, made entirely out of wood...

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Funniest thing my gf has ever said

We were at a a red light and i noticed a woman in the car behind me making a lot of arm and hand motions. No one was in the car with her (probably on bluetooth).
Me: Hey babe look at this woman behind us. What is she doing? She's just flailing her arms around but there isn't any one with her.
GF: Maybe she's deaf and she's singing to herself.

LG created a new proprietary Bluetooth technology and protestors are now rallying against the the IEEE 802.15.1 Bluetooth standard

Manufacturers have quickly adopted to LG's new protocol, as they are afraid of not supporting the LGBT.

The name and symbol for Bluetooth are based on a Danish-Norwegian king, dubbed 'Harald Bluetooth'

He had three wives, and four children between them. One then became his heir.
In other words, Bluetooth paired successfully

your mama so s**... she went to the dentist to get bluetooth

A Man Goes to the Doctor

A cancer patient anxiously awaits his doctor, who enters with his test results.
Give it to me straight, doc, he pleads. How long have I got?
Ten, says the doctor.
Ten what? Months? Days? Years? The patient cries.
Oh, I'm sorry, the doctor continues. That was my wife on Bluetooth, asking how many eggs we need. Your cancer is in remission and you should lead a long healthy life.
The patient, ecstatic, runs out into the street, where he is promptly hit by a bus and killed.

Bluetooth joke, The titanic had Bluetooth

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