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  1. What does a blonde have in common with a hurricane? First there's a lot of suckin and blowin, then you lose your house.
  2. Have you heard the latest trend... Have you heard the latest trend that's blowin' up the Internet?
    It's cyber-terrorism.
  3. What Bob Dylan song was ranked by Rolling Stone magazine as the #14 greatest song of all time? The answer, my friend, is Blowin' in the Wind.
  4. What are the similarities between a new wife and a tornado, there's a lot of suckin and blowin and then u lose ur house.

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  1. Why did the chicken cross the basketball court ? Because the referee was blowin fowles
  2. Have you heard how busy the Samsung customer care lines are? Their phones are blowin' up!
  3. Why'd the chicken cross the court? Because he heard the ref was blowin' fowels..
  4. Islamist Humor Planes blowin' up
    On a Tuesday

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Why were hurricanes and tropical storms originally always given women's names?

Because when they first come along it's all wet and wild with lots of suckin and blowin, but by the time it's over and they leave - your house is gone, your boat's gone, your truck's gone...

Blowing Bubbles

A teacher asked two of her students a girl, and a boy, what they did during recess.
Girl: I was blowing Bubbles!
Boy: I was blowing Bubbles too!
The teacher then noticed another boy walking into her class from recess she did not recognize. She asked, "You must be new, What's your name?"
The boy replied with a smile: My name is Bubbles!

Blowing chunks

Two guys are talking and one asks the other, "Hey, you wanna go drinking later, I just got promoted?"
The other replies, "Thanks, but I can't."
"Aw, come one why not?"
"Cause last time I went drinking, I blew chunks."
"That's normal, people v**... after drinking all the time."
"No, you don't understand; Chunks is my dog."

Blowing Bubbles

Person 1: Did you ever blow Bubbles as a kid?

Person 2: Yes, why?
Person 1: Well, I saw Bubbles yesterday, and he told me to say hi.

Blowing up a Balloon.

My niece had a p**... baby that spent 2 weeks on a ventilator because her lungs were not fully developed yet. She continued to have breathing problems as a toddler and needed to you inhalers to get enough oxygen.
On her 3rd birthday, she insisted on helping her mom decorate for her party. And despite her chronic breathing issues, that little girl was able to blow up a balloon faster than the entire United States Air Force.

Blowing a t**...

The only time it's appropriate to say "I blew a t**..." in response to the question "so what happened last night?" is when you're at the mechanic.

If you like blowing candles on your birthday, what does that make you?

A gay candle.

I keep blowing my nose

And my friend is telling me it's a cold but it's not.

Blowing bubbles

Three people get arrested and are taken into holding for questioning. The officer talks to the first girl, asking, "What's your name?" She says, "Yo." The officer asks, "What are you in for?" She responds with, "Blowing bubbles." The officer takes her picture and lets her go. He asks the second girl, "What's your name?" She responds with, "Yo Yo." The officer asks, "What are you in for?" She responds with, "Blowing bubbles." The officer takes her picture and lets her go. He talks to the guy and says, "Let me guess, your name is Yo Yo Yo." The guy replies with, "No, it's Bubbles."

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