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Why did the snowman take his pants off?

He heard the snow blower was coming.

The memo

An older man hires a guy every fall and his only job is to use my leaf blower and get the leaves out my yard.

He only pays in checks though. Just so he may write "thanks for the blow" on the memo line.

What do you call a Frosty's prostitute?

A snow blower

Blower joke, What do you call a Frosty's prostitute?

Why couldnt the NSA whistle blower leave russia?

He was snowed in

Last night I hooked up with Edward Snowden's sister.

believe me, she's the REAL whistle blower.

What do you call a gay Yeti

A snow blower!

With all the blizzard news here's a winter joke: How do you convert a dish washer into a snow blower?

You give her a shovel!

Blower joke, With all the blizzard news here's a winter joke: How do you convert a dish washer into a snow blower

Sexist Joke: How do you convert a dish washer into a snow blower?

Give her a shovel.

My mom comes up to me and says "I'm can do a magic trick"

I go, "Really? What's you magic trick?"

and my mom says she can turn a dishwasher into a snow blower.

"I can't wait to see this!" I said

So she hands me a shovel.

What do you call a porn-star in a snow drift?

A snow blower.

What is red and hangs around trees?

A baby hit by a snow blower

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What did the snowman do when he saw a snow blower go by?

Pull down his pants.

A prostitute propositions a snowman, "I can be gentle or dominant. I can be anything you want me to be."

The snowman hands her $20 and says, "Be a snow blower."

What do you call one referee who tattles on another referee?

A whistle blower

What do you call a vegetarian with bad gas?

A leaf blower

Gay eskimo and black man joke

What do you get when you mix a gay Eskimo and a Black man?
A snow blower that doesn't work.

Blower joke, Gay eskimo and black man joke

Why couldn't he whistle blower leave Russia?

Because he was Snowden!
Get it? Snowed in? Snowden?'ll get it tomorrow.

What's a Viking leaders pleasure?

Leif Blower

What do you call a Canadian prostitute?

A leaf blower

What do you call a treehugger that becomes a prostitue?

Leaf blower

Why did the man hate being a glass blower?

Because his girlfriend was so fragile

I had to return my leaf blower

It sucks

Is there a gardener in the audience?

Why does my leaf blower have a low setting?

I've never needed to blow a leaf just a little.

(Blows gently into microphone)

While everyone is arguing over whether it's called a snow blower or a snow thrower, I invented a way to turn a dishwasher into snow removal device.

I bought my wife a snow shovel.

What do you call a prostitute plying her trade in a blizzard?

A snow blower.

Try putting a leaf blower against your ear. It will blow your mind.

What do you call a gay tree

A leaf blower!

So I got denied a job at Home depot

So I applied to work at Home depot and apparently selling stoner slaves doesn't qualify me to be a leaf blower salesman

All immigrants should be assigned a house

And a leaf blower

What do you get when you put Scrabble letters in a leaf blower?

The Welsh Language

My leaf blower doesn't work

It just sucks!

What do you call an Eskimo prostitute?

A snow blower

Why did the snow man pull down his pants?

Because he heard the snow blower coming.

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