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What is The Fonz's blood type?


"Bloodied cricket bat found in Oscar Pistorius' house"

In addition, locals have told police that he was previously sighted with stumps.

My blood type is also my life motto:

B Positive

Which blood type does a bad speler have?


What's Autocorrect's blood type?

typo negative

What blood type does a man with bad spelling have?


What's a optimist's blood type?

B positive.

What blood type do Canadians have?

Type "eh"

Why does your blood rush to your head when you're upside down but not to your feet when you're right side up?

Your feet aren't empty.

My bloodtype is really disappointing.

My doctor keeps saying "be positive".

What blood type does a motivational speaker have?

B Positive!

So I got my blood test results back...

apparently I did good, got an A+

They don't have blood banks in England ...

... but they do have a liver pool.

What blood type do happy people have?

B Positive.

What blood type are most grammar n**... have?

A Type O

What blood disease do communists get?

Hammer and sickle cell anemia.

How many blood hungry vampires does it take to dress a wound?

The answer's irrelevant as they all s**... at it anyway.

Blood is Thicker than water, but maple syrup is Thicker than blood.

Therefore, pancakes are more important than family.

Which blood type was created by mistake?

Type O.

Had a blood test the other day.

I did really well, A+

I got my blood drawn today

The artist wasn't very good.

As the blood from your brain rushes down into your e**...

Everything in the middle gets stuck between a rock and a hard place

Bloo joke, As the blood from your brain rushes down into your e**...

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  1. Why is the ocean blue? Because all the fish in there goes "bloo bloo bloo"

Bloo joke, Why is the ocean blue?

Bloo joke, Why is the ocean blue?

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