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Everyone's excited for the new Minecraft movie.

It's sure to be a real blockbuster

Steven Spielberg is casting for his upcoming blockbuster on the history of classical music.

He asks his stars who they want to play. Brad Pitt says, "I want to be Mozart. His pastiche of influences from several European countries has always fascinated me." Tom Cruise chimes in with, "I'd like to be Beethoven. I love the way he handled the transition from Classicism to Romanticism." Arnold Schwarzenegger says, "I'll be Bach."

Heard they are making the Tetris movie into a trilogy...

They must think its going to be a real blockbuster.

Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger were discussing who they were going to play in the new Hollywood Blockbuster:

The Great Composers!
"I wanna be Beethoven," said Stallone.
"I gotta be Mozart," retorted Willis.
"What about you, Arnie?" they asked....

I just heard that there's going to be a Minecraft movie…

…it's gonna be a blockbuster.

A man enters a Blockbuster and asks I want to rent Batman Forever

The clerk replies: I'm sorry but you must return it tomorrow

Why did a customer leave the blockbuster store disappointed?

They were never going to give him Up.

Blockbuster joke, Why did a customer leave the blockbuster store disappointed?

Did you guys hear about the new Minecraft movie coming out?

I heard it's going to be a blockbuster

I logged into MySpace for the first time since 2005.

I logged into MySpace for the first time since 2005. It was full of private messages from women who wanted to "Blockbuster and Chill".

Netflix is producing a documentary about the end of BlockBuster....

Thats like if the school shooters produced "Bowling for Columbine"

A man goes to Blockbuster and starts looking at films

He goes through different genres until he stops at superheroes and ask to the shop assistant:

\- Could I rent "Batman Forever"?

And the shop assistant replies:

\- No, Batman returns always to the shop

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I got carded at the liquor store and my blockbuster card accidentally fell out.

The cashier said never mind.

Went to Blockbuster and asked if I could rent Batman Forever.

The best they could do was 3 days.

Have you heard about the new Tetris movie?

It's supposed to be a real blockbuster.


A man walks into blockbuster, has a look around and goes to the front desk.

"excuse me sir, can I have a copy of Batman forever?"

Clerk responds: "Sorry guy, I'm gonna need it back tomorrow night".

Did you hear about the movie about the man who smashes kid's toys?

I hear it's a real blockbuster

Blockbuster joke, Did you hear about the movie about the man who smashes kid's toys?

I got carded at the liquor store yesterday.

While I was looking for my ID in my wallet my Blockbuster card fell out onto the counter. The guy started laughing and said, "Never mind."

Video store

I went to blockbuster today to pick out a movie I was approached by a reporter who asked if he could do a story on me, flattered I ask why not?

I read the paper the next day and see the headline "Dumbass still goes to video store." Thank god no one found out though.

They should make a Minecraft movie

It would be a blockbuster.

I got an incredible price on a Rodney Dangerfield VHS tape

Blockbuster was having a Back to School sale!

I got carded at the store.

While getting my ID out my Blockbuster card fell out. He laughed and said "Nah sir, never mind.

What hotel did Blockbuster rent for their corporate retreats?

Hotel Rewind-a.

So the Cavaliers and the Celtics made a blockbuster trade today.

And here I am thinking, "Didn't that store go out of business already?"

What if the 'Unstoppable Force' and the 'Immovable Object' actually came together?

It would be the greatest stop-motion blockbuster of all time.

Captain Picard has just been to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster, 'Thor: Ragnarok'. He wants to know whether Riker had also seen it, so he asks him...

"Have you seen Thor 3 too, One?"

Why did blockbusters cancel their nativity play?

Because they had no prophets!

Blockbuster joke, Why did blockbusters cancel their nativity play?

What's the difference between Blockbuster Video and Atlantis?

One of them sank under the ocean for 3,000 years. The other is Atlantis.

I can't wait for the new Minecraft movie.

It will probably be a blockbuster.

Why was Blockbuster so bad at detecting bomb threats?

Customer: "RUN! HE'S GOT A BOMB!"

Employee: "Oh come on! *Waterworld* wasn't THAT bad ..."

KC & The Sunshine Band are sad Blockbuster have closed down.

They had plans to do a little dance, make a little love and get Downton out.

Living in New York City

I don't think I can live in New York until Michael Bay dies...I couldn't stand living in a summer blockbuster year after year.

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