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I had a r**... exam once.

It didn't go so well.
Apparently the doctor was having a bit of trouble with some blockage, so he put one hand on my shoulder to help with leverage. I could tell it was going badly when he put his other hand on my shoulder as well.

One day in a busy restaurant, a man began to choke on something he had eaten.

Without hesitation, another man jumped up, ran over, pulled the choking man's pants down, and started eating his a**.... The choking man was so shocked and disgusted that he started to gag, miraculously expelling the blockage. His life saved, he thanked the other man profusely and asked how he had known that his unexpected actions would be effective.
The other man replied, "I thought everyone knew the hind lick maneuver..."

I set up a production business for oils that clear up colds and nasal blockages.

An olfactory oil factory

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