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The Best Bloc Puns

What is 10 blocks long and never had sex?

The line for the Nintendo Switch

Instead Of Blocking Your Ex

Become such a disaster online, that everyone makes fun of your ex for dating you

Revenge 101

My writer's block makes me want to kill myself

And I would, but I dont know how to start the suicide note.

I just blocked someone for correcting my grammar

and it feelded good.

Why did the block of cheese run in the US presidential election?

Because he wanted to make America grate again.

Most blocks in Minecraft are one square meter. Where in Minecraft can you find a block that has only two square feet?

Whichever one the player's standing on.

I blocked a girl for correcting my grammar

It feelded good


A man walks into blockbuster, has a look around and goes to the front desk.

"excuse me sir, can I have a copy of Batman forever?"

Clerk responds: "Sorry guy, I'm gonna need it back tomorrow night".

One blockchain said to another...

Don't mine me, I'm just forking.

What did the block of Silicon say to the block of Gold?

"Dude, quit being so dense!"

What do you call an apartment in Eastern Germany?

A bloc of flats

Why are there no trans people in ex-Soviet bloc countries?

Because they're all CIS.

What did one blockchain say to the other?

Hey you wanna fork hard?

Why couldn't a block of cheese cross the road?

Because he was not allowed to leave his *grated* community.

Why did blockbusters cancel their nativity play?

Because they had no prophets!

I almost always have a blocked nose, so when I don't, I make sure to savour it.

I just won't stop breathing.

When you block someone,

and he then blocks someone else, and that person in return blocks another person,
is that what you call
a Blockchain?

Do you know what's over 100m long and eats only potatoes ?

A line leading to a butcher's shop in the Communist Bloc.

Why was Blockbuster so bad at detecting bomb threats?

Customer: "RUN! HE'S GOT A BOMB!"

Employee: "Oh come on! *Waterworld* wasn't THAT bad ..."

Venezuela suspended from South American trade bloc Mercosur

How lucky of them. Just in time to join the TPP

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