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  1. Why are accordion players always so happy? Because ignorance is bliss, and they don’t know any better.
  2. When the logician was given a choice between eternal bliss and a ham salad, which one did he choose? Ham salad, because nothing is better than eternal bliss, and ham salad is better than nothing.
  3. A gorilla walks into a bar. He's not the smartest gorilla, but ignorance is bliss at the zoo.
  4. Ignorance is bliss and patience is a virtue. If you're dumb and don't mind waiting around.
  5. Bread with butter is better than eternal bliss Because what's better than eternal bliss? Nothing.
    And bread & butter is still better than nothing.
  6. Whomever said having a baby is bad for your golf game... ...never realized getting out of the house for 5 hours to play a round is ultimate bliss.
  7. Innocence is Bliss Kid in an English class : Me sleep with Dad last night.
    Teacher (correcting) : No dear, I slept with Dad last night.
    Kid : U might have come after I slept
    Teacher : Get out!
  8. My girlfriend tried to tell me I was "obsessed with being right"... The look on that b**...'s face as I dismantled her argument was nothing short of bliss.

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Bliss joke, My girlfriend tried to tell me I was "obsessed with being right"...

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Bliss One Liners

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  1. My Wife and I were blissfully happy for 25 magical years.. .. and then we met.
  2. If ignorance is bliss... Why are all my friends so unhappy ?
  3. Is ignorance really bliss? I'm happy to report I don't know.
  4. They say blondes have the most fun They also say ignorance is bliss.
  5. Treat everyday like it's your last. In blissful ignorance.
  6. If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person on earth.
  7. Some people say ignorance is bliss. I don't know what that means, but I don't mind.
  8. They say ignorance is bliss. But I don't know what either of those words mean.
  9. They say that ignorance is bliss But I'm just as happy not knowing!
  10. What's the best way to propose to Alexa Bliss? With a wrestling ring.
  11. Have you heard the latest Bliss 'n' Eso song ? I heard it kills down the local bar.
  12. Republican lawmakers are to release new fragrance for their supporters Bliss by Ignorance
  13. Marriage = bliss and ignorance = bliss... Therefore...
  14. What did Bobby feel after smoking m**...? Cana-bliss

Bliss joke, What did Bobby feel after smoking m**...?

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College life for introverts

1st year - People are so good to me. I feel I am respected a lot! Friends are bliss!
2nd year - People are distancing from me. I guess they don't like me. I've to find new people I suppose.
3rd year - Should I change my attitude to get friends? I don't know why I get cheated everytime I trust someone.
4th year - Who needs friends? People are useless. Solitude is the best.

In English grammar, periods are very important. They can alter the entire meaning of what is being said.

For example,
Johnny was on his trampoline, moving up and down in total bliss.
Johnny was on his period, moving up and down in total bliss.

Bliss joke, Whomever said having a baby is bad for your golf game...

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