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  1. Did you know there's a spot in the grocery store where you can go blind? Aisle never see again
  2. How do you spot a blind guy at Olympic Beach VolleyBall? It's not hard and they're usually wearing black and white stripes.
  3. If Stevie Wonder ever gets into a car accidents It will most likely be because he didn't check his blind spot

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Blind Spot One Liners

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  1. How do you spot a blind man in a nudist colony? It's not hard.
  2. How do you spot a blind man at a nudist beach? It's not hard
  3. How can you spot a blind man in a nudist camp? It's not hard
  4. Do you know how to spot the blind man at the nudist colony? It's not hard.
  5. Where does Stevie Wonder park his car? In blind spots.
  6. How do you spot a blind man on a nudist beach? Take a guess, it's not hard.
  7. My abstinent girlfriend told me God has a blind spot... so I broke her behymen
  8. How do you spot a blind guy at a s**... club? It's not hard.
  9. How do you spot a blind man on a n**... beach? Its not hard.
  10. how to spot a blind person in a n**... beach? it's not hard!
  11. How can you spot the blind man at the n**... beach? It isn't hard.
  12. Why do Lyft drivers f**... in their cars? So that even blind people can spot them.

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A blind woman got on a bus. Sadly, all the seats were taken.

A man noticed that no one else on the bus was willing to give up their seat for the blind woman, so he kindly guided her to his seat and took a standing spot. As the bus started up, the man frowned at the others for their selfishness.
Later that day, the man came home in tears, covered in bruises.
"What's the matter?" asked the man's wife.
"I lost my job as a bus driver."

A walk in the woods…

A couple were on a blind date and they decided to take a walk in the woods. After some casual banter they started to feel more and more comfortable with each other and they started to feel a little frisky. They decided to sneak off the path into a dark grove of trees. After finding a good spot, they began making out and within a few minutes they were having s**....
After about 15 minutes, the man abruptly jumps up and says, d**... it, I really wish I had a flashlight!
The woman says, I wish you did, too – you've been eating grass for the past 10 minutes!

A russian and an american are in the baltic sea arguing about which one has better submarines

Russian: "Our submarines ovat the absolute top, you never find them and they can be submerged for weeks."
American: "Our subs can patrol all seas without any blind spots continously without you noticing and they can stay underwater for months."
Suddenly a german submarine that's worn-out but still in a good condition for it's age surfaces. An old grey-bearded man opens up the hatch and shouts to them:
"Heil h**...! Haben sie Diesel?"

At a bus stop, a girl spotted a handsome man and she told him "I Love You"

The man placed his hand on her head and said, "This love and infatuation are nothing,
go back to your home and study hard so that you may lead a successful life".
He then placed a piece of paper in her hand and said, "I have written some words of wisdom for you. Read it before you sleep tonight" and he looked away.
The girl went back home with tears in her eyes and before sleeping that night, she opened and read the paper.
"Are you blind? My wife was standing behind me. Anyway, this is my number, call me anytime. By the way, I love you too!"

God decided to visit Earth... He traveled from Heaven to the big city. He walked down the street until he came upon a beggar sitting against a wall, crying.
"What ails you, my son?" asked God.
"I've been overtaken with a crippling disease and I can no longer walk" replied the man.
However, God took pity on the beggar and cured him with a snap of the fingers. The beggar stood up and ran down the street, laughing with joy.
Ambling down the road, God spies another man sitting on the curb, crying.
"What ails you, my son?" asked God again.
"Well," said the wretch, "Last week a p**... fell on my head and I was struck blind."
With another snap of his fingers God granted sight to the man, who thanked Him profusely before walking away.
Continuing down the boulevard God spotted yet a third man sitting on the curb, weeping to himself.
"What ails you, my son?" asked God?
"Well, sir," said the man, "I am a high school chorus teacher."
And the Lord sat down and wept with him.

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