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A blind man walks into a convenience store with his service dog

He heads down an aisle and pauses, his faithful Golden Retriever by his side. With a grunt he picks the dog up by the leash and starts swinging him in circles over his head.
*Wooosh wooosh wooosh*
Bags of chips are flying around and candy bars are falling to the floor, along with a clamorous noise.
The frustrated store clerk yells at the man. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??"
"I'm just looking around."

Reporter 1: The cult members seem totally brainwashed, and still place their blind faith in a false savior offering hollow promises of salvation!

Reporter 2: And that concludes our report from the White House.

How would you call St Paul's religious belief?

A blind faith.

A doctor, a priest and an economist were out golfing.

The group in front of them was playing really slowly and they were getting impatient. It soon got to the point where they had to go to the manager to ask the group in front of them to be kicked off the course. The manager told them the players in the group in front of them were all firemen who had been blinded while saving the clubhouse from a fire.
The priest was incredibly remorseful and as a man of faith, he said he should not have cursed out the players ahead of him.
The doctor said that he had taken the hippocratic oath and was supposed to help people like the blinded fireman and vowed to help them in whatever way possible.
The economist, who had been silent for this whole time, suddenly speaks up and asks, "Wouldn't it be more efficient for them to golf at night?"

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