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A doctor, a priest and a model are driving.

So the three of them are driving on a country road, when they hit a bunny. They stop and get out, overwhelmed with sympathy for their fluffy victim, it lies motionless on the road

The doctor draws on all his skills to try and get the bunny up again, but to no avail. The priest kneels down and gives the bunny his last rites and blesses it. They are about to bury it when the model stops them.

She takes a can of hairspray and sprays the bunny all over. It gets up and hops away as the priest and the doctor stand speechless. Ten yards down the road the bunny turns around and waves at the tree companions. Twenty yards away, it turns around and waves again. This goes on until the bunny disappears into the high grass beside the road.

"What on earth is in that spray can?", asks the doctor.

"I don't know ..." replies the model, "... but it certainly works as advertised" And she hands the doctor the can.

The can reads: "instantly revives your hair, adds a permanent wave"

What Pokรจmon blesses the rains down in Africa?


A young man enters a monastery high in the mountains.

The monastery practices a strict code of silence as a test of discipline. Each year, before renewing their sacred vows of silence, the monks may say only two words to the friar.

At the end of his first year, the man says: "Food's bland!" The friar nods and blesses him.

At the end of the second year, he says: "Bed's cold!" The friar nods and blesses him once more.

On his third year, he says: "I quit!" The friar nods and says:

"Go ahead! You've been here for three years and you've done nothing but complain!"

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