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There was a firefighter who always recited a poetry verse before extinguishing a blaze.

He was a real prose before hose kinda guy.

Today is Hitler's birthday.

Kinda gives a whole new meaning to "4/20 blaze it."

A man walks into a bar ...

with a pig under his arm. The bartender looks at the pig, notices a wooden leg and asks 'Why has this pig got a wooden leg ?'
The man replies 'Ah that's a tale. We had a fire in our house last week. This pig came upstairs and woke up our entire family. We all escaped the blaze thanks to this pig'.
The bartender was impressed. ' Did the pig lose a leg in the fire?'
'Oh no' said the man 'An animal this valuable ? You don't eat them all at once'

What did the French stoner say?

80 blaze it

The other day I saw an event a local church was having at a dispensary where they were giving away donuts and spreading the Word of God

They called it Glaze It, Blaze It, and Praise It

What did the Frenchman say after 80?

Blaze it.

Hot Air Balloons are like Marijuana...

The more you blaze it, the higher you become.

I'm disappointed by these wrapping ministries that pop up around this time of year.

Not a single one of them involves a dope beat and a mic to blaze.

So Nicolas Cage plays the human Johnny Blaze...

But Nicolas Rib-Cage plays the ghost rider

A satanist asked why I would 420 blaze it,

When i could 180 and praise it.

what do you call it when you get high and perform oral sex?

going down in a blaze of glory

thanks jon bovi

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