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Best Short Blast Jokes

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  1. My 7 yr old just made this one up: What do you say when a dinosaur farts? That was a blast from the past!
  2. Fight Club was awesome! Hey guys so I found this Fight Club last night and had a blast! I showed up a little late so I missed some of the rules but I highly recommend it!
  3. I saw an ad yesterday that said radio for sale $1, volume is stuck on full blast. I said to myself well, I can't turn that down.
  4. I bought a CD of ice cream van music. Now I drive with the stereo on full blast, watching the disappointment on all the little kids faces..
  5. We have one of the recalled Samsung washers. But, don't feel sorry for us... We're going to have a blast!
  6. Man comes out of the bathroom at work… After a loud session of diarrhea, sounds like you had a rough time in there. a slightly embarrassed coworker commented. No it was a blast the man responded.
  7. I forgot how much I hated Nickelback until you blasted their song on the radio... And this is how you remind me?!!!
  8. Winds of 108mph, structural damage, flying debris, massive depression, icy blasts, communication difficulties, untold misery and suffering... Yes, I forgot our anniversary again.
  9. What do you call a dog that's blasting out music at the bottom of the ocean? A subwoofer.
    (You can credit/discredit my son for coming up with this)
  10. I always wondered why Pikachu's electric shock blasts off team rocket but not Ash. I guess Ash is just better grounded.

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Blast One Liners

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  1. What's Pakistan's tourism tagline? "Have a blast, it might be your last"
  2. I played a blank CD at full blast yesterday ...the mimes next door went nuts.
  3. I let my kids play on my Samsung Galaxy Note 7... They had a Blast!
  4. BREAKING NEWS: hole blasted into women's restroom Officers are looking into it
  5. Astronauts must be having a blast Because now they can say:
    "Houston YOU have a problem"
  6. Where was the astronaut kitten blasting off to? Meowter Space
  7. Did you hear about the Muslim Party? It was a blast
  8. Best part about finger blasting a gypsie? Get your palms red for free.
  9. Do you want to party with ISIS? I'm sure it'll be a blast.
  10. Taliban Airways We make sure your flight is a blast.
  11. Pakistan has the most catchy tourism tagline... Come Have a Blast, It may be your last.
  12. Why do terrorists love their job? Because they always have a blast.
  13. Went to Syria last month.. Had a blast.
  14. Friend ran in the Boston Marathon, He said he had a blast but can't feel his legs.
  15. what happens to people who dies in a bomb blast They rest in pieces

Shotgun Blast Jokes

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  • Chuck Norris is ten feet tall, weighs two-tons, breathes fire, and could eat a hammer and take a shotgun blast standing.
Blast joke

Comical & Quirky Blast Jokes for a Roaring Good Time

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3 Men's Afterlives

Three men get into a horrible car accident, and all three die together. As they are waiting in limbo, they start talking about the Afterlife. As it turns out, one man is Muslim, one man is Buddhist, the last is Christian.
The Muslim says, "I'm going to enjoy my 40 virgins until my wife shows up!"
The Buddhist says, "Reincarnation is going to be a blast.. until I find my wife again."
The Christian man starts laughing, and the others seem puzzled.
"My wife's an athiest."

An Englishman went on a business trip to Japan...

When he got there, he stayed in a nice hotel and decided to call a prostitution service. Not knowing a single word of Japanese, it was he struggled with the ordering process.
When the girl finally arrived, they stripped down and get down to business... They were having a blast and the girl kept screaming **"Machigatta ana, Machigatta ana..!!"** Deciding that it was a sign that the girl was pleasantly satisfied, he thought nothing of it and continued all night long.
The next morning, the Englishman went and have a round of golf with his Japanese business partner. His business partner swung first.... **BAM!** **Hole in one!**
"Nice shot my friend, machigatta ana..." said the Englishman
Looking puzzled, his business partner replied
"That shot was perfect... but what do you mean 'wrong hole'?"

Self Detonation is a real blast..

Or so I've heard.. C4 yourself.

I think I'll convert to Islam

Apparently it's a blast!

What did the older t**... say to the younger t**... before he headed out for a party?

Go on, have a blast.

What did the t**... get at Sonic?

He had a blast!

Did you hear about the t**... s**... b**... rave party?

I heard they had a blast.

A t**... invites his socially awkward friend to a party

"C'mon," he said, "It'll be a blast."

A carny invited me back to her place for a good time last night...

She wasn't kidding, there were bumper cars, a ghost train and a mechanical bull. I had a blast!

Why didn't the oyster have any friends?

He was shellfish.
Woo! Been thinking for days trying to come up with some OC to blast your brains with.

The Russian Army

Q: h**...ш До you Hоld youя АК-47 when running aшay froм nucleaя blast?
A: On far stretched out hands coмяad, so the hot метал, froм the gun does not dяip on sтате oшned shoes!

My Fallout 4 Review

It's a blast.

Did you hear about the jihadist birthday party?

It was a blast.

A trip to France?

Sounds like a blast

ISIS math problem

Ahmed has 5 bags. If he gives 2 to Mohamed and 1 to Jamal. Then calculate the radius of the blast.

What do you call a time traveler who m**... in the future?

A blast from the past.

My muslim neighbour invited me to this j**... party' he organised

Everyone had a blast!

Why wouldn't blastoise share with charizard?

He was a shellfish pokemon.

Did you hear about the s**... b**... camp?

I heard it was a blast.

My friend asked me if I had a blast on my birthday.

I told him I had such a blast, ISIS would have been proud!

My Muslim friend went on a Eurotrip this summer...

Told me he had an absolute blast at every country he visited

Breaking News!

Breaking News! Russia has just dropped a nuclear bomb on Ethiopia.
1 million died in the blast and 2 million died running after the mushroom.

Two jihadists walks into a gay bar....

Needless to say, they had a huge blast

I had a muslim only party

Last night was a blast

Whenever I game on my Note 7

I always have such a blast

Welcome to Syria!

You'll have a blast :)

Yesterday, I had a blast roasting this random fat guy in a comedy club

the audience loved it but some said it was a little too spicy for their taste.

I love Iraq.

That place is a blast.

Did you hear about the bomb blast in Pakistan?

Apparently the terrorists were tired of the commute and wanted to work from home for a while

What do we call pressure cooking gone wrong?

A blast.

What did Jimmy the ISIS genius say before he died?

Gotta blast!

Have you ever poured fluorine on cesium?

I've heard it's a blast

Did you hear there was another blast?

This time in a movie theatre. The movie playing was You, Me and Debris.

We just had an end of Ramadan party

It was a blast

Why couldn't the married couple wait for their honeymoon on Alderaan?

It was gonna be a blast.

How big is a nuclear blast?


What do terrorists say when they get on a rollercoaster?

This is gonna be a blast!

I bought a time machine and travelled to North Korea to see what it'd be like to live there next year...

It was a real blast!

My uncle once told me to go to the basement and get n**...,

I asked him whether he wanted Mighty Mango or berry Blast.

What do clowns drink at Taco Bell?

Bajaja Blast

Why did the Muslim refuse to go to the big party he was invited to?

He didn't want to have a blast

Spent my summer with the bomb squad!

It was a blast...

Little Timothy comes from school...

"How was school?" Asked the mom
"It was a blast! We got to make huge fires!"
"Oh that sounds scary! Are you going to do that again tomorrow at school?"
"Well there's no more school, so I can't say mom."
"Well why not?"
"It got pretty lit in there."
"You kids must've been all fired up!"
"It was blazing."


Why is everyone always freaking out over possible WMDs in various nations and trying to limit the amount of nuclear arms nations have?
I personally believe they're a blast.

I've booked a flight with Southwest Airlines.

I hope it's a blast!

What is the tagline of Syrian tourism department?

Come to Syria;have a blast.

Happiest Job

You know what is the happiest job in the world?
s**... bomber. They having a blast.

I heard there's a new game called "e**... simulator"

And apparently everyone's having a blast playing it.

There's one thing I can say about playing with explosives.

It's a blast.

A Russian, an American and a Canadian blast off in a space shuttle…

Found an old video I used to watch on pornhub

It was a blast from the past

Which president had the most fun during their tenure?

Truman. He had a blast on a few occasions.

What do you call an old friend with benefits

A finger blast from the past

Two whales are swimming along in the ocean...

When one whale spots a fishing boat. So he says to the other whale "Hey, that is the boat that harpooned Frank, we should get back at them"
The other whale says "Oh yeah? What should we do?"
"I say we both go under their boat, and blow our blowholes as hard as we can, that will knock over their boat!" And so both whales went under the boat, and with a powerful blast they were able to capsize the boat and send all the sailors into the water.
The first whale then says "Now that they are all in the water, I say we eat them!"
And the second whale replies "Woah, woah, woah. I was all for the b**... but I won't s**... any s**...".

Where did little Susie go after she heard the bomb blast?


In school we had a friend named Gustavo.

He was a blast to be with, but he had an odor. If I had to describe it, fun Gus had a musky scent.

The last batch of s**... b**... were very tight knit.

They used to sing together, dance together, laugh together. True brethren. At the end they had a blast doing their job.

What do you call a caveman's f**...?

A blast from the past!

What do you call a time-traveller's f**...?

A blast from the past.

I got fired from the bomb squad yesterday. It's too bad really...

I had a blast working there.

I invited my friends to play Russian Roulette with me.

We had a blast playing.

7 years on reddit and all I got was this joke

Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9.
Wow, ty reddit for this lyrical blast, left me smitten with the bot that wrote it to me.

I was so proud of my son

He's 18 and he got a job sandblasting for the summer to save for school. The manager was talking to him during safety orientation and said so sandblasting? That should be fun . He responded yeah it should be a blast He said he got a groan and an eye roll then told me off for being contagious.

Scientists have just discovered a fossilised dinosaur f**....

They said it's a blast from the past.

Blast joke, I saw an ad yesterday that said  Radio for sale $1, volume is stuck on full blast.

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