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  1. What does Hillary Clinton use to drown the noise of Black Lives Matter protesters? White noise
  2. Tried to increase the "black noise reduction" on my PS3 But Chris Tucker is still yelling at me
  3. Why do we listen to white noise to fall asleep? Because black noise hits too hard and rattles the windows
  4. Tried turning up the "black noise reduction" But I still can't mute ONLY Chris Tucker when watching Rush Hour 3..
  5. My friend was telling me how much he loves his white noise machine... I told him it sounds nice but I much prefer my black noise machine. The beat is much better.
  6. My films ended with the black and white era. The song-writers gone and the music-directors too. Noise rules.

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  1. What do black men call a white woman? A white noise machine
  2. What do you call nondeterministically scrambled Crunk? White and black noise.

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I told my black coworker that I like to go to sleep listening to white noise. He said "Why does it gotta be white noise with you people?"

I said because I can't go to sleep listening to rap music and gunshots.

They're watching...

I was in my bathroom earlier and I heard weird noises coming from the sink.
Then, I walked to the upstairs window and noticed a man dressed in an all black suit with black shades, suspiciously walking around outside in the car park.
Beginning to think that someone might be phoning my taps.

THE BLACK c**...

A man walks into a w**... looking for a little action and he goes up to the house owner and asks, Hey, can I get a piece from one of your fine ladies you've got here? Sorry sir, the owner responds, but, we're all full. Aw, please I really need some p**... tang! And the owner answers, Well, there is one girl left but when you go meet her you have to wear this black c**.... Whatever, the man answers quickly and races upstairs.
A few hours later the man comes down and says ''Wow, that was great. She didn't even make any noise. But why did I have to wear the black c**...? And the owner answers, Respect for the dead.

A man is woken up in the middle of the night by his son screaming. He quickly goes and wakes him up.

Man: "Son What's the matter?"
Son: "Dad it was the scariest dream! A man dressed in black came and told me my aunt is going to die tomorrow!"
Man: "Son it was just a dream don't worry."
The next day he comes home and his wife is crying.
Man: "Honey what's wrong?"
Wife: "my mother called my sister just dropped dead!"
That night the man is woken again by his son screaming and he wakes him up.
Son: "Dad the man in black came to me again in my dream and said tomorrow my father is going to die!"
Man: "Son your aunt dying was just a coincidence don't worry about me I'll be fine."
The next day the man is freaked he doesn't take any elevators, doesn't walk over any grates and jumps at any noise.
When he get home his wife takes one look at him.
Wife: "Honey you look awful what is going on?"
Man "I have had the worst day ever I feel awful and just want to go to bed."
Wife: "You think you had a bad day? This afternoon the mailman dropped dead on the front porch!"

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