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Funny Black Lives Matter Jokes and Puns

How many Black Lives Matters protesters does it take to change a light bulb?

Don't be silly, Black Lives Matters protesters can't change anything.

There are four states of matter.

Solid, liquid, gas, and black lives.

Black lives matter.

Unless you accelerate them to the velocity of light, then black lives energy.

What's the difference between dark matter and Black Lives Matter?

Dark matter has the capacity to leave an impact on a system

What does Hillary Clinton use to drown the noise of Black Lives Matter protesters?

White noise

What do atoms and black lives have in common?

They matter

I got beat up at a black lives matter rally for complaining about my underwear

These knickers where just making me so uncomfortable

Black Lives Matter movement organizers lied about total number of followers.

It turns out the movement is only three fifths as big as they say it is.

There are 5 Types of Matter...





and most importantly
Black Lives

Scientists say there are now 4 confirmed states of matter

Solid matter
Liquid matter
Gas matter
and most recently...
Black Lives matter

Black lives matter held a rally in Houston, but no one knew what they were trying to say.

The Astros stole all their signs.

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If the Black Lives Matter movement had started 300 years ago...

it would have been called PETA

The best way to disguise an undercover cop car

would be to put a Black Lives Matter bumper sticker on it. Nobody's gonna think thats a cop car now.

A protestor wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt walks into a bar

The bartender asks what will you have. The protestor replies only ice . The bartender looks at him with a very confused look and says sorry did you say you only wanted ice? The protester says that's right - just ice.

how many black live matters protester does it take to screw in a light bulb?

no one knows it was too dark to see them.

Which font do the protesters use to paint BLACK LIVES MATTER onto the streets of New York City?

Times Square New Roman.

I feel like getting on your knee doesn't really help the Black Lives Matter movement.

Last time a black man got on his knees, his hands were up and he was shot in the back.

What do the Police, the NFL and Black Lives Matter all have in common?

They all have the same PR guy.

If there is more anti-matter than matter in the universe ...

.... does this mean that there are more anti-black lives than black lives?

Offensive crayon ideas!

Presidential Orange

Miscarriage Maroon

Privilege White

Travel Ban Brown

Lives Matter Black

"I should have known better than to talk to him like that, these bruises are my fault" Blue

Apparently, scientists proved the existence of dark matter

Does that mean

Black Matter Lives?


Unless their mass times speed of light square

Then their energy

Black lives matter?

I don't understand how black could ever make matter live. Only god can do that.

In order to stop all the black lives matter protests

Just play the national anthem on repeat, they will all sit down or kneel.

A Brit shopping for pants just caused a riot at a Black Lives Matter protest outside our local Walmart

He asked someone if the store sold knickers.

Black Lives Matter is protesting the Twin Cities Marathon...

...there must be a huge race issue in America

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