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  1. A German man and his son walk into a bar... A German man and his son walk into a bar. The man points to his son and says "Ein Bier bitte". Bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your Kind here".

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Bitte joke, A German man and his son walk into a bar...

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  1. Can anyone tell me why cyanide tastes so bitt
  2. Yesterday, a German told me to stop moving about. I'm still bitte about it.
  3. What did the German say to the craft beer artisan? Eine bier, bitte.

Bitte joke, What did the German say to the craft beer artisan?

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Me: I got bitten on my walk by a Great Dane

**Her:** My God — imagine if it had been a small child
**Me:** I could have fought off a small child, Barb

What's the most bitter tea in existence?

*cries in the corner*

A Bitter Army Veteran storms into a classroom and shouts "If it weren't for me you'd all be speaking German!"

"That's right" replies the German teacher.

I get bitterly angry every time my cell phone dies.

My therapist suggested I find an outlet.

What do you get when you're bitten by a mosquito wearing a fedora?


Me: I got bitten in the park by a huge dog

Her: My God - imagine if it had been a small child
Me: I could have fought off a small child, Alice

On a bitter cold day, Hank visited Lou

"I had a rough time getting here", said Hank, "for every step forward forward I slid back two!"
"But if you slid back two steps for every step you took forward, how'd you get here?", asked Lou.
"I almost didn't, but then I said to myself 'forget it', and turned around and started back home"

I was bitten by a Great White at a Florida beach.

I mean, he used the phrase "a**... Superior," but either way that was one coked-out skinhead.

I was bitten by a nonbinary vampire last night...

They came from Trans-Sylvania.

I was bitten by a Hasidic Jew.

The doctor in the E/R gave me Rabbi shots.

When I get bitten by insects, one part of my brain is like be smart, leave it alone . The other part is like…

Scratch that

I got bitten by a werewolf and I'm turning into one myself.

I think I'm lycan it so far.

Zwei Gin Bitte!

During World War 2, two German spies recieved an intensive training in English so they could do their job in London without causing suspicion.
To test their knowledge they enter a pub.
Spies: "Two gins, please!"
Bartender: "Dry?"
Spies (confused): "Nein, zwei!!

'Hardys, Bitter, Fosters, Strongbow'

Daft Punk ordering a round at the bar

I was bitten by a mosquito today.

It s**....

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