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How many Bitcoins for that BMW?

Joe: How many Bitcoins for that BMW?

Bob: 2 BTC.

Joe: That much? That is kinda expensive.

Bob: Well its a big company.


I decided to invest on Bitcoins, a Russian airline and a Hong Kong bus company

But all of them crashed!


I asked my dad for $20,000 in Bitcoin

He replied, "1 bitcoin? What do you need 3 bitcoins for?"


I've got some extremely rare tulip bulbs for sale

Payment in BitCoins only.


I heard people who invest in Bitcoins...

Have futures.


I fully invested in bitcoins...

But now my heart is in bits and coins is all i have left


Do you remember the good times? We have Game-boy, Rock N' Roll, Discoteque....



My stock portfolio has tripled in value this year

From an initial value of 2 bitcoins, it is now worth 6 bitcoins.


What do you call people who secretly give away their Bitcoins?



Why does Superman not accept Bitcoins in the dark?

Because he's scared of Crypto-Night.


Lost My Bitcoins Last Week

been trying to track them down ever since.


Stolen Bitcoins

My bitcoins were stolen the other day, to which my girlfriend replied "can't you call customer service and have them track 'em?"


Dont invest in those crappy bitcoins it will fail

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