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If I buy 8 bitcoins...

Does that mean I have one bytecoin?

My son chewed on an old quarter he found and asked me if he could exchange it for a new one..

I had to say no because I don't trade bitcoins

What's the different between Bitcoin and my wife?

My wife doesn't go down on me.

Get it? Bitcoins dropping and I'm in a horrible marriage.

I had 8 Bitcoins

But a plumber stole them from me

Why shouldn't you bother someone who collects bitcoins?

Because they're mining their own business

How many Bitcoins for that BMW?

Joe: How many Bitcoins for that BMW?

Bob: 2 BTC.

Joe: That much? That is kinda expensive.

Bob: Well its a big company.

I decided to invest on Bitcoins, a Russian airline and a Hong Kong bus company

But all of them crashed!

What do you call people who secretly give away their Bitcoins?


I asked my dad for $20,000 in Bitcoin

He replied, "1 bitcoin? What do you need 3 bitcoins for?"

I've got some extremely rare tulip bulbs for sale

Payment in BitCoins only.

Why does Superman not accept Bitcoins in the dark?

Because he's scared of Crypto-Night.

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My stock portfolio has tripled in value this year

From an initial value of 2 bitcoins, it is now worth 6 bitcoins.

Dont invest in those c**... bitcoins it will fail

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Stolen Bitcoins

My bitcoins were stolen the other day, to which my girlfriend replied "can't you call customer service and have them track 'em?"

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