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What are the best Bitcoin puns and pranks?

Did you ever wanted to prank someone about Bitcoin? Well here is a complete list of Bitcoin dad jokes:

A boy asked his Bitcoin-investing dad...

...for $10.00 worth of Bitcoin currency.

Dad: $9.67? What do you need $10.32 for?


How many Bitcoins for that BMW?

Joe: How many Bitcoins for that BMW?

Bob: 2 BTC.

Joe: That much? That is kinda expensive.

Bob: Well its a big company.


Why does Skrillex not like Bitcoin?

Because there's no drop.


So, 50 Cent is accepting Bitcoin for his new album.

Which is all well and good, but if he really wanted to court the cryptocurrency community, he should change his stage name to 0.0007745 āļŋ.