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Funniest Bismuth Short Jokes

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  1. (caution, horrible joke) I once asked an employee of a Pepto factory if they had a secret ingredient. He told me it was none of my bismuth.
  2. I recently started a company that combines Perchloric Acid with random elements... So far you could say Bismuth is booming.
  3. "Hey, what are you gonna do with those crazy crystal rocks??" Nothing... why don't you mine your own bismuth
  4. What does a chemist say when he comes out of the closet for being bisexual? Iodine, Americium, Bismuth.
  5. So this dude is like, "Where are you going with all that Element 83?" and I was like "None of your bismuth"
  6. What do you say when someone asks you if you have any Pepto Bismol? "None of your bismuth!"
  7. What did the chemist say to her coworker who kept asking about her work with element 83? "It's none of your bismuth."

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Bismuth One Liners

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  1. Why does nobody like the element Bi? Because he's all up in your bismuth.
  2. When someone with a lisp says bismuth... You know they mean business.
  3. What is Mike Tyson's favorite element? None of your Bismuth
  4. The periodic table says it's Bi, But that's none of my bismuth.
  5. What do you call a moody chemist from Boston? Bismuth Polonium Lanthanum
  6. "Where did you put your Pepto?" "None of your bismuth."
  7. What chemical do bisexuals like? *Bi*smuth
  8. Have you heard the news about Bismuth? He recently came out as Bi.
  9. How does a chemist awkwardly leave? OxygenPotassium Bismuth
  10. Why are bismuth crystals rainbow? Because they're Bi.
  11. I just saw an interesting video on Bismuth... turned me Bi-curious.
  12. Why are Dwarves so nosy? They're always trying to get up in other peoples bismuth.
  13. What did Salt 'N' Pepa say to the nosey chemist? "It's none of your Bismuth!"

Bismuth joke, What did Salt 'N' Pepa say to the nosey chemist?

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In chemistry class the experiment called for 36 grams of the 83rd element on the periodic table. I could see that the girl next to me had weighed out 42 grams. When I told her she was getting a bit heavy she said....

I should mind my own bismuth.

Bismuth joke, How does a chemist awkwardly leave?