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I just finished watching a murder biopic on Netflix and some of those cops were really, really dumb.

The serial killer was Dahmer though.

DJ Khaled has just declined a role in his upcoming biopic.

When asked about his decision, he was quoted to have said "never play yourself."

They're re-making Gone in 60 Seconds

It's a bio-pic about Kevin Spacey's reputation.

Saw a screenplay about the life of a pair of eyeglasses

It was a myopic biopic

My toddler refused to get her PJs on because she was watching The Iron Lady, a biopic about Margaret Thatcher, along with our family.

I said, "Looks like we have a minor strike on our hands."

(A triple ententre for the win.)

I want to start a company and call it Nemo..

Then get Disney to make a Biopic on my life and call it 'Founding Nemo'

Did you hear about the new Chris Christie biopic?

"Life of Pie."

There should be a fictional biopic about Leonardo DiCaprio's fight for his oscar.

But I guess whoever plays him will win an Oscar for it.

TIL That several actors go into complete isolation to prep for their films

Didn't know so many talented people wanted to make a biopic on me!

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