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My girlfriend started reading Bill Cosby's biography...

But it put her to sleep.

I just read John F Kennedy's biography

The end was mind blowing

If you wrote a book about Lightning McQueen...

Is it a biography or an autobiography?

I put a beaker of sodium hydroxide on a biography.

It was base on a true story.

KITT from Knight Rider is writing a biography

It's an autobiography.

I just finished reading a book about the bus driver from the Simpsons

It was an Otto biography.

Why is Donald Trump's biography so long?

It has four Chapter 11s.

Biography joke, Why is Donald Trump's biography so long?

my friends enjoyed my jokes so much that they wanted me to write a book

I wrote my biography. Couldn't think of a bigger joke.

Steven Gerrard is releasing a biography on his time at Liverpool

As of yet, the book has no title.

You can tell a lot about a person

from his biography

I went to the library and asked the librarian if she knew where the dystopian fiction books were.

She said, "next to the poster over there, but I don't see why you'd want to read those. We just got a bunch nonfiction biography books, go check those out instead".

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What will be the title of Chris Brown's biography?

Greatest Hits

A new Liberace biography from HBO is entitled "Behind the Candelabra". What was the original working title?

Can I Push in Your Stool?

I keep meaning to write my memoirs, but never get around to it.

It's my oughta biography

I have consumed so much cocaine that....

my biography will have to be written between the lines.

Biography written by Bob Dylan...

About Tottenham's Hotspurs' star striker
The title?
"Thats the Story of a Harry Kane"

With apologies

Biography joke, Biography written by Bob Dylan...

What's the shortest biography you can write for a convicted murderer?

A life sentence.

What REALLY says the most about a person

their biography

Gotta real problem with this Jackman Biography, it's all over the place.

Everything's not about Hugh, man!

Biography of a voyeur

He came, he saw, he came

Did you hear about Bill Cosby's new biography?

Its called "The Coma Sutra".

Finished reading a biography on JFK....

...the ending was mind blowing.

What do you call Kygo's written biography?

Textual healing.

So I heard they've leaked the working title of the Reeva Steenkamp biography...

"I'd rather die standing than live on my knees."

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