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Funniest Bins Short Jokes

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  1. It's been a week since my wife went missing. The police told me to expect the worst. So I took her things back out of the garbage bin.
  2. after 3 weeks of lockdon I was thinking a bit about Bin Laden. He stayed at home with 3 wives for 5 years. I'm beginning to suspect he called the Navy Seals himself
  3. What's the first thing a homeless person does when he uses a computer? Checks recycle bin.
  4. Heard a vintage 2011 today. The Navy Seals just invented a new drink, the "bin Laden". Two shots to the face and a splash of water.
  5. What did bob marley say when he put his hand in the bread bin? Is this loaf that I'm feeling?
  6. I started a new job today doing parcel delivery, at my first drop the homeowner had left a note saying we're out so please hide in the bin. I'm still hiding, I'm hungry and it's dark, help!
  7. The other day I was scraping leftovers into the garbage... ...and I couldn't help but think of those poor kids in Africa who don't have any garbage bins.
  8. If Mac users care more about the environment more than Windows users Then why do Macs have a trash can and Windows has a recycling bin?
  9. A marine walks into a bar and tries to order a Bin Laden What's that? , the bartender asked
    The marine replied, two shots and a splash of water .
  10. My girlfriend is one of the worst cooks in the world Just last night the raccoons offered me money to chip in for a lock on my garbage bin!

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Bins One Liners

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  1. What is worse than two children in a trash bin? One child in two trash bins.
  2. Do you think bin men get training... ... Or do they just pick it up as they go along?
  3. I left my wife for a bin man.... .... But he wouldn't take her
  4. Bin Laden and Bush just started playing chess... and Bush already lost two towers.
  5. How does Bin Laden introduce himself to Germans? Ich Bin Laden.
  6. I spent ages trying to think of a decent bin pun. Turns out, they were all rubbish
  7. What did the policeman say to the missing waste collector? Where you bin man?
  8. What do you call a Muslim redditor? Seldom Bin Laid
  9. My son jumped into a dumpster to receive his ball He hasn't bin seen since.
  10. What's an environmentalist's favorite part of a computer? The recycle bin.
  11. What did the cabbages say to the other vegetables in the vegetable bin? Lettuce in.
  12. Why did Bin Laden listen to Eminem? He was an Afghani-Stan.
  13. What was Bin Laden's favourite brand? Jihadidas.
  14. Putting things in the bin may be 'lit' But dropping them on the floor is litter
  15. What does Home Depot take when it can't sleep? Bin of Drills

Bins joke, What does Home Depot take when it can't sleep?

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When I was young I remember me and my crush behind the school bins.

Fortunately I didn't get caught disposing of her body.

Something stinks on my flight

I can't find it. I know I'm not the only one. Everybody around me has scrunched up faces. Someone hit the flight attendant button. The flight attendant notices quickly as well, and begins searching for the source. She starts ripping open the overhead storage bins, smelling each one cautiously. With a wretch, she grabs one case from above, yanks it to the ground and opens it to find a dead rabbit. The owner immediately jumps up and tells, "Hey, that's my carrion!"

The first time I got up close and personal with a girl was round the back by the school bins.

In hindsight, I wish I hadn't looked into that rubbish bag.

They found a guy in hobby lobby dipping his t**... in the glitter bins

One eye witness was quoted as saying "It was pretty nuts!"

So a green piece of road walks into the bar...

So a green piece of road walks into the bar... It goes up to the bar and orders a drink, then takes it to a table where two traffic lights are playing a game of cards. The traffic lights take one look at the road and run out! Later the bartender finds them cowering behind the bins outside:
"What on Earth is wrong with you two?" He asks.
"That green piece of road that walked in! He told us he was a cycle path!"

What's worse than finding ten dead babies in a bin?

Finding one dead baby in ten bins.

What is worse than trying to fit 6 babies in one bin?

Trying to fit one in six bins

Did you hear about the Crematorium worker who took a nap in one of the body bins?

He was exhausted.

What do you call a guy carrying a lot of bins?


Bins joke, What do you call a guy carrying a lot of bins?