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Who is tall, orange-skinned, blatantly racist, should not be a politician, and makes everyone groan whenever he appears on TV?

Jar Jar Binks


A riddle

Who's got orange skin, poor speaking skills, is overwhelmingly disliked and is in over his head?

Yeah, I know, too easy right?

It's Jar Jar Binks


I gave my phone charger a name.

I named it Binks. Charger Binks.


How the First Scene of Star Wars Ep 9 Will Save the Franchise

"Jar Jar Binks Wakes up from a Dream..."


What do you call gungan served raw?

Tartare Binks...


Who does Luke Skywalker ask to charge his lightsaber?

Char-Jar Binks


Where was Jar Jar Binks in the new Star Wars movie?

Answer: Who gives a fuck?


How do you tell your nerdy friend is suicidal?

He dresses up as Jar Jar Binks at Comic Con.


How does Jar Jar Binks order a pizza from a guy named Pete?



The Phantom Menace is easily the best Star Wars installment

Jar Jar Binks is the best character.


Which credit card does jar-jar binks use?



What's Jar Jar Binks favorite song?

Oppa Gungan Style.


What's a Rastafarian's favorite Star Wars character?

Jah Jah Binks


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