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Do you know who was the biggest sponser of the movie Human Centipede?


Nokia - Connecting people


What gets bigger the more you take from it?

The lower class.

My biggest fear is dying alone.

That's why I drive a school bus.

Bigg joke, My biggest fear is dying alone.

What are the two biggest lies in Wyoming?

My truck is paid for, and honestly officer, I was just helping the sheep over the fence.

What's the biggest advantage of living in Switzerland?

Well the flag's a big plus.

What is the biggest danger to an ear f*cker?

Hearing AIDS.

What are the two biggest lies when working for a large corporation?

"Hello. I'm from the head office and I'm here to help you"

"Welcome. We're glad to have you"

Bigg joke, What are the two biggest lies when working for a large corporation?

Dam's biggest dilemma...

Dammed if I do, damned if I don't.

What is the biggest key when moving a piano up a flight of stairs?

Be sharp or Be flat.

What are the three biggest tragedies in a man's life?

Life sucks, job sucks and the wife doesn't.

Where does biggest potato grow?

Under the ground.

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The three biggest lies in Wyoming...

"I won this belt buckle in a rodeo, my trucks paid for and I was just helping that sheep over the fence."

What gets bigger every time I watch my neighbor undress in her bedroom window?

The restraining order

What's the biggest cause of pedophilia in the USA?

Sexy kids

The biggest joke of 2015..

When you have Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, and Deez Nuts running for President.

What is the biggest crime committed by transvestites?

Male fraud.

Bigg joke, What is the biggest crime committed by transvestites?

What's the biggest Jewish conundrum?

Free Bacon!

Why was Biggie hungry at school?

He forgot Tupac his lunch!

*knee slap*

What's a hipster's biggest problem?

You probably haven't heard it.

What gets bigger every time I see my wife.

My wife.

What are the two biggest differences between an alligator and a crocodile?

The spelling and pronunciation.

What is the biggest obstacle in getting rich quickly?


What's the biggest difference between Republicans and Democrats?

Republicans sign their checks on the front, and democrats sign on the back.

You know what's the biggest turn off for me?


A Man's Biggest Hope

Most men hope they will marry a nymphomaniac.

The problem is, that after a few years, the nympho leaves but the maniac is still there.

What's a Paralympian's biggest fear?

Testing positive for WD-40.

My biggest fear used to be dying alone

but thanks to Trump, I know it'll be in a camp, surrounded by other minorities.

What's the biggest difference between men and women?

The phrase I went through a whole box of tissues watching that film. is a good place to start.

What's the biggest city in the United States?


If you get a bigger bed

You have both more and less bedroom

Who's bigger? Mr. Bigger? Or Mr. Bigger's baby?

The baby, because it is a little Bigger.

What is the biggest compliment you can pay at a gay bar?

Pushing in somebody's stool.

The biggest question of our generation...

Who makes the sandwich in a lesbian relationship?

What is the biggest lie in the world?

"I have read and agree to the terms of service"

Why would you get bigger if you ate a whole tub of protein every day?

Because you ate whey too much

Who's bigger, Mr. Bigger or Mr. Bigger's son?

His son, he's a little Bigger.

What's the biggest difference between Google and Pornhub?

I'm willing to go to the 2nd page of search results on Pornhub.

My biggest fear, when I first started dating, was meeting the girl's father.

But I mainly dated black girls, so it was never really an issue.

This is my biggest pet peeve

He's an elephant, all my pets are named peeve

What is the biggest no-no during sex?

Your wife walking in.

What's a Jew's biggest dilemma?

Free ham

What is the biggest lie in the Universe

I have read and accepted the terms and conditions

The biggest difference between the Superbowl and the Grammy's.

The Eagles have won a Grammy.

The biggest problem with polygamy?

Multiple mother-in-laws.

What is the biggest miracle of Jesus Christ?

Being white in Middle East.

The biggest fear of flat-Earthers... sphere itself

What's Netflix's biggest competitor?


What's the biggest lie I was told in sex ed class?

That i'd eventually have sex.

One of my biggest fears is getting married. I hear that 50% of all marriages...

...last forever.

The Biggest Coward

Two kids are arguing over whose father is the biggest coward.

The first kid says," My dad is so scared that when a lightning strikes my dad slides underneath our bed."

The second kid goes," That's nothing, my dad is so scared, that when mummy works night shift, my dad sleeps with the woman next door."

I saw biggish girl at the pub last night,

Her t shirt said "watch out I'm a man eater!"

I went up to her and said " excuse me, love ... About your t shirt slogan."

She interrupted me and angrily snapped " oh let me guess: you want to know how many man I've eaten? Well, you know what, I can't help my size."

I said "Actually, no, I wasn't going to say that at all. "

She looks happier and smiled as she said "Oh yes, what did you what to say then?"

"That's not how you spell manatee."

"What is your biggest weakness?" asked the interviewer.

I said, "Spiders."

He said, "Professional ones?"

I said, "I don't know, I've never seen one in a suit before."

What's the biggest challenge saudi teenagers face?

Losing their mom in the mall.

"What's your biggest weakness?"

"I often mislead people."



The biggest lie told by the church is that God is a Male..

Let's face it, if God is really a male, testicles would be protected by titanium rib-cages..

Who's bigger? Mrs.Bigger, Mr.Bigger or their baby?

The baby because he's a little Bigger.

You know what the biggest problem with political jokes is?

They get elected.

What is the biggest waste of money?

A 2020 planner

Bigger in Texas

A blind man visits Texas. When he gets to his hotel room, he feels the bed. Wow, this bed is big!

Everything is big in Texas, says the bellhop.

The man heads downstairs to the bar, settles into a huge barstool and orders a beer. A mug is placed between his hands. Wow these drinks are big!

The bartender replies, Everything is big in Texas.

After downing a few, the blind man asks where the bathroom is. Second door to the right, says the bartender.

The blind man heads for the bathroom but accidentally enters the third door, which leads to the swimming pool, and he falls in. Popping his head up from under the water and flailing his arms, he shouts, Don't flush, don't flush!

What was the biggest scam in Ancient Egypt?

A Pyramid Scheme.

The Biggest Lie...

Two boys were arguing when the teacher entered the room.

**The teacher says**, "Why are you arguing?"

**One boy answers**, "We found a ten dollor bill and decided to give it to whoever tells the biggest lie."

"You should be ashamed of yourselves," **said the teacher,** "When I was your age I didn't even know what a lie was."

**The boys gave the ten dollars to the teacher**.

You know what was the biggest waste of money in 2020?

I renewed my passport

My biggest weakness is probably indecisiveness

I think...

The world's biggest gender reveal party happened way back in 1945

When Japan found out the US had a Little Boy

What is the biggest problem with capitalism?


What's the biggest lie in American history?

You have 2 minutes uninterrupted.

What's your biggest pet peeve?

Mine is people who ask a question just so they can give their own answer to it.

What's a panda's biggest life regret?

Never had a selfie in color.

My biggest talent is that, I can always tell what's in a wrapped box

it's a gift.

My Biggest flex is...

I have a pen that can write underwater!

Them: No you dont, really?

Me: Yeah! It can write other words also.

The biggest tragedy in Star Wars is their lack of information on one of their greatest unsung heroes.

I mean, he brought the Rebels the plans for the second Death Star before he died, but that is all we know about Manny Bothans.

Who was bigger….. Mr Bigger or Mr Bigger's baby?

The baby of course…..he was just a lil Bigger.

When is one bigger than two?


What is the biggest lie ever?

"I have read and agree to the terms of use"

What are the two biggest fears of Russian military?

That the Chinese learn how to fight like the Finns, or that the Finns learn how to breed like the Chinese.

Some of the biggest red flags I can think of are Danish, Chinese, Spainish, Turkish, or Albanian

And to a lesser extent, Canadian, Indonesean, Hatian, American, and Japanese

What's bigger than a tuna?

A threena.

(Courtesy of my fifteen year old daughter. So proud!)

My biggest fear is Santa

I think I might have Clausophobial

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