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nuns have desires too

two nuns were riding their bicycles through the back streets and alleys of rome.

one turns to the other and says, "i've never come this way before".

the other nun says, "it's the cobblestones".

Two nuns are out riding their bicycles..

Two nuns are out in the countryside riding ow their bicycles.

The first nun suggested that they take a shortcut.

A few minutes later the second one says: "I've never come this way before."

The first one replies: "Oh, I guess it must be the cobblestones."

Useful Metric Equivalents

* 1 million microphones = 1 megaphone
* 1 million bicycles = 2 megacycles
* 2000 mockingbirds = two kilomockingbirds
* 52 = 1 decacards
* 1/2 lavatory = 1 demijohn
* 1 millionth of a fish = 1 microfiche
* 435.6 graham crackers = 1 pound cake
* 10 rations = 1 decoration
* 10 millipede = 1 centipede
* 3 1/3 tridents = 1 decadent
* 10 monologues = 5 dialogues
* 2 monograms = 1 diagram
* 8 nickels = 2 paradigms

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Two nuns riding

Down a cobbled road on bicycles. First one says to the other, "I've never come this way before." The other nun replies, "neither have i, it's probably the cobbles."

jokes about bicycles

2 nuns take a shortcut

2 nuns are riding bicycles through the Vatican and they decide to take a shortcut down a cobblestone street. The first nun says to the second, "I've never come this way before." The second nun replies to the first, "Nor have I. It must be the cobblestones."

Two Nuns ride back to the convent.

They were riding bicycles and one nun says to the other
"I know a short cut, follow me"
The other one says
"Ive never come this way before"
The first nun looks at her and smiles
"Oh yeah girl, that's the cobblestone. "

Two Nuns On Bikes

Two nuns, Maria and Angelica, are riding their bicycles on their way to work at the Vatican. They're running late, so Maria says, "I know a shortcut. Let's go down this alley." They turn right onto the alley, which soon becomes a narrow cobblestone road, with many twists and turns. Angelica remarks, "wow, I never came this way before." Maria tells her, "it's the cobblestones."

Bicycles joke, Two Nuns On Bikes


Why do the Scots like lying? They are scared the truth would set them free.

Why do Scots love ants? They also like to live in a colony.

Why don't Scots like punk rock groups? They put their music on independent labels.

What is the most unpopular dance in Scotland? The indepen-dance.

How are Scots similar to bicycles? They both need chains around them.

Why have Scots stopped wearing rings? Because freedom rings.

A group of Nuns were enjoying their lunch break...

A group of Nuns were enjoying their lunch break, riding their bicycles around the gardens at their convent.
"I told you 5 minutes ago that lunchtime was over Sisters!" yelled the Sister in charge.
"If you don't stop immediately I'll put the seats back on!"

Two nuns ride their bicycles to the monastery.

The older nun suggested a detour through an old little street.

After they arrived, the second nun exclaimed: "I never came this way!"

The first one smiles and explains: "It's the cobblestones."

I like my women how I like my bicycles,

chained up in the garage.

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What do m**...'s and tweekers have in common?

Both ride bicycles and bust mission.

What does a tweaker and a Jehovah's Witness have in common?

Both ride bicycles and are on a mission.

A man is found dead surrounded by 53 bicycles. How did he die?

He had an ace up his sleeve.

What do bisexuals use for transportation?


Two nuns are riding their bicycles to the Vatican

First nun shouts to the other "I've never come this way before!"
The second nun replies "don't worry it's just the cobblestones."

Bicycles joke, Two nuns are riding their bicycles to the Vatican

Two nuns are riding bicycles down a bumpy road...

One turns to the other and say "I never came this way before".

My grandfather told me this In German so it might already be posted somewhere here, oh and it's translated

Two guys are riding bicycles down the street.

One of the bikes fenders was loose and was making a loud noise.

So the first guy said to the second guy
"Hey your fender is too loud"

The second guy says "what?"

The first guy speaks louder
"your fender is too loud"

The second guy replies "what?"

The first guy yells

The second guy yells back

Two catholic sisters rode bicycles through rough roads of Rome...

One turns to the other and says, "I've never come this way before".

The other nun says, "It's the cobblestones".

I watched a documentary about bicycles the other day

The other day I watched a really inspiring documentary about bicycles. You could say that it really spoke to me.

Why do rappers hate bicycles

They can't handle the bars

What do you call a cyclist with an unnatural love of children's bicycles?


People who get road rage against people riding bicycles.

They've got serious cyclelogical issues.

Two Nuns

Two nuns are riding their bicycles through Rome on their way to the Vatican. This time, though, they are taking a different route instead of their usual route.

I've never come this way, one nun says to the other.

It's the cobblestones, says the other nun.

After a busy day, when we get into bed we become bicycles.

Too tired.

Why can't bicycles run?

Because they are two tired

Bicycles joke, Why can't bicycles run?

Two nuns are riding bicycles back to the convent.

The first nun says "I've never come this way before." The second nun replies, "I know... its the cobblestones."

2 nuns on bicycles

2 nuns, on bicycles, rode down this street. The second nun called to the first I've never come this way before and the first nun called back it's the cobblestones!

What do bicycles and black people have in common?

Neither work when the chain comes off.

A young Nun

Is doing her chores around the convent with one of the senior sisters. They go into town on bicycles to buy food for the evening meal. On the way back, the senior sister turns down a small alleyway. The young nun says,

I don't think I've ever come this way before.

To which the senior nun replies,

Yes, dear. It's the cobblestones.

What do most people have in common with bicycles?

They are both too tired!

What is that joke about the two engineers who are riding bicycles and there's a girl?

The cops showed up saying my dogs were chasing kids on bikes again.

I guess I'm going to have to take their bicycles away.

Why can't bicycles stand up on their own?

Because they're "two tired"

How many kids with ADHD does it take to change a lightbulb?

Wanna ride our bicycles?

The Detective's Conundrum

The detective walked into the smokey room. His assistant scurried in after. He took in the scene.

A dim light.
A flipped table.
And 53 bicycles laying all around the floor.

"It's apparent what he wrong here," the detective said.

"What is it?" asked the perplexed assistant.

"Someone had an ace up their sleeve."

The existence of Bicycles

Implies the existence of Homocycles and Heterocycles

Two Nuns

Two nuns are riding their bicycles through town, when they turn down a cobblestone street.

When they get to the other end of the street and stop, one nun says to the other I've never come this way before.

The other nun replies Yeah, it's nice isn't it?

Two nuns are riding bicycles through the streets of Rome.

"I've never come this way before" says the first nun.

The second nun replies: "It's the cobblestones."

Two Nuns are riding their bicycles down the back streets of Rome . One leans over to the other and says, "I've never come this way before."

The other Nun whispers, "It's the cobblestones." 

Two Dutch girls

Two Dutch girls are riding their bicycles home from school one day. The first one says "I've never come this way before." And the other says "it's the cobblestones. "

What do you call someone who advocates for bicycles?

A spokes man

What do you call a person with a s**... attraction to bicycles?

A pedal-phile.

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