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Funny Bezos Jokes and Puns

Jeff Bezos: "Alexa, send nudes to my secret admirer."

Alexa: "Got it. Sending nudes to the National Enquirer."

Do you think Jeff Bezos sleeps naked?

...or with pajamazon?

Why did Jeff Bezos get divorced?

He realized his marriage was a union.

If I had one dollar for every time someone complained about how rich Jeff Bezos is

I still wouldn't be as rich as Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos has never been the President of Amazon.

Just the Prime Minister.

How come Jeff Bezos spending 13 billion makes the news?

I spent 13 billion dollars last week at Whole Foods as well and all I got was some vegan avocado toast.

Jeff Bozos was cleaning his bedside lamp when a genie popped out.

Genie: One wish only, my good sir.

Bezos: Name it.

Why did Jeff Bezos get divorced?

He found out a marriage was a union

Why did Jeff Bezos divorce his wife?

Because he found out marriages are classified as "recognized unions."

Jeff Bezos can't sleep

until he puts his pajamazon

Did you know Jeff Bezos has trouble sleeping?

Unless he has his Pajamazon.

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Jeff Bezos worked long, difficult hours for little pay to fulfill his lifelong dream...

...of making other people work long, difficult hours for little pay.

Jeff Bezos isn't a great guy...

...But I enjoy his company.

Who became second richest person on earth thanks to their wife?

Jeff Bezos

What title would be given to Jeff Bezos if he were a politician?

Prime Minister

Today we learned 2 things about Jeff Bezos: He has big cojones...

And there might be pictures of them

I have absolute confidence in Jeff's Bezos rocket company Blue Origin

Jeff has already achieved good separation.

What's the difference between Alex Jones and Jeff Bezos?

Alex Jones was on Joe Rogan

Jeff Bezos personal wealth grows to $150 Billion

He should simply change his spelling to

**J€££ B€zo$**

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos are getting divorced....

MacKenzie Bezos is changing her name to MacKenzie Pesos

Why did Jefr Bezos get divorced?

Because he learned marriage is Union

Jeff Bezos has announced that he will start paying a living wage

Or as his lawyer called it,"alimony."

What is Bezos favorite sport?


Santa IS real...

His name is Jeff Bezos and he lives in the rainforest

Why does no one invite Jeff Bezos to their birthday parties?

Because he keeps giving half of the gift and calling it a "full equal".

Jeff Bezos, immediately before deciding definitively to move his HQ2 to northern Virginia and NYC:

Nerf Boston

What does Jeff Bezos and broke rapper have in common?

Rapper's pants and Bezos eyes, both sagging.

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