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  1. Betty White just turned 99 and she still doesn't need glasses. She drinks straight from the bottle.
  2. what's the difference between Paul Walker and Betty White? Paul Walker hit 100 before he died.
  3. Today would have been Betty White's 100th birthday and a major snowstorm has hit the northeast US and Canada I guess you could call this a Betty Whiteout
  4. (JOKE)"ACTRESS BETTY WHITE" (vanndukeandsammy) sammy:what did god say when he saw actress betty white?....vann duke:I don't know,tell me what did god say when he saw actress betty white?...sammy:mom?
  5. (I'm going to h**... for this one) What is the main difference between Betty White and Paul Walker? Walker made it to 100.

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  1. Q. What do Robin Williams and Joan Rivers want for Christmas? A. Betty White.
  2. "Betty White" What the African American said when he heard there was a new Pope.
  3. What do Florence Henderson and Alan Thicke want for Christmas? Betty White!
  4. Betty White turned 96 yesterday. What's next for Betty? Death!
  5. What are Gene Wilder and David Bowie getting for Christmas this year? Betty White.
  6. What do you get when you s**... all of the Botox out of Madonna? Betty White.
  7. I just saw Betty White t**... in "Game of Thrones" now I know why she won a "sag" award.
  8. I heard Betty White started a PG&E subsidiary She's calling it w**...
  9. What do you call a white baker? Betty c**...

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