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So this girl comes home pregnant.

Her mom's like, "What the shit? How'd you get all knocked up like this? Who's the dad?"

And she's like, "Mom, you've got it all wrong, it's a school project about the miracle of life!"

Mom's like, "Bitch you betta tell me who that bump's father is!"

The daughter just cries and is all like, "I don't know, mom! It was a group project!"


Rhianna is writing the soundtrack for the new Lilo and Stitch movie

It's about how Stitch develops a gambling problem



What did the Jamaican say after winning the barefoot marathon?

"Da trill of victory always betta dan de agony of de feet!"


The Pope

The Pope was very ill. The Vatican doctors could find nothing wrong. A psychiatrist examined the holy father and explained the results.
"De Pope hasa to hava sexa. eesa only way to getta betta"
When the findings were explained to the Pope by his chief aide he was greatly saddened.
"Okay," he said, "Butta she has to be blinda so she can no see who does these terrible thinga that happen to her".
"Okay, blinda," said the aide.
Also, the Pope continued, "she hasa to be deaf so she cannot hear these terrible thing to happen to her."
"Okay, blinda and a deafa," said the aide.
"Anna," the Pope continued, "She hasa to be mute, so she cannot tell the world these terrible thing to happen to her".
"Okay, blinda, deafa, anda muta" said the aide.
"Anna one a more thinga", said the Pope, "She gotta hava some a bigga titties! Really bigga boomba knockersa!"


What do you call a horny fish?

A master betta.



Why do beta fish fight each other?

Because they're trying to figure out who's the betta fish


I'm creating a video game about the inside of a fish.

It's currently in betta.


What do you call aquarium with two male betta fish?

Betta royale.


Why does every pet store carry so many betta fish?

Because they are the betta fish to have.


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