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Traffic stop

A man gets pulled over for going 5 miles over the speed limit. He says to the cop "youre gonna ticket me for goin FIVE MILES over the limit?"
Cop says "you betcha."
The man asks "is it against the law to call a cop an asshole?"
The cop replies "yep i wouldnt recommend it."
"Well is it against the law to just think it?"
Cop says "well no..."
"Good...because I think youre an asshole."


Guy walks into a butcher shop

A guy walks into a butcher shop and sees a butcher standing in front of a shelf with various meats.

The guy says "I betcha 20 bucks you can't reach the meat on the top shelf."

The butcher looks at the shelf and replies, "Nah, those steaks are too high."


What do conjoined twins and Lay's chips have in common?

I betcha can't eat just one


I don't know about you, but I'd love to volunteer at a battered women's shelter

I betcha the cakes they make are amazing


I like to walk up to psychics, punch them in the face and say...

"Betcha didn't see that one coming"


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