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Three of a kind

Coral turns white when it gets stressed. What could coral be stressed about you ask? Current events.

Eletrical engineers make mistakes when they get stressed. What could an eletrical engineer be stressed about you ask? Current events.

Berry farmers are seeing a drop in productivity due to stress. What could Berry farmers be stressed about you ask? Currant events.

What type of berry can you drink out of?

A strawberry.

What do you do to a dead fruit?

You *berry* it.

Berry joke, What do you do to a dead fruit?

Mr. Pineapple and his Honey Melon are berry in love..

"Sweety, we are ripe for a wedding! Let's invite olive our fruity friends!"

"Are you sure we cantaloupe?"

My uncle once told me to go to the basement and get Naked,

I asked him whether he wanted Mighty Mango or Berry Blast.

Berry good

Two guys were arguing over the best way to grow strawberries. One asserted that Miracle-Gro was the best method, the other insisted that cow manure would yield the largest and sweetest berries. They finally decided to ask Mrs. Thompson, who was known far and wide for her succulent, large strawberries. So one farmer says Mrs. Thompson, do you put cow manure on your strawberries. She replied, No, I either eat them plain or add sugar and cream.

Some food puns I came up with

Why should you eat rye before battle?

It's bread for war.

Why should you eat melon before going in the sun?

A little melon in helps protect you from the sun.

When should you get a ladder in a slaughterhouse?

When the steaks are high

Why is it a good idea to rub blueberries on your face when you're embarrassed?

You should berry your face in shame.

Berry joke, Some food puns I came up with

A collection of puns in one text.

[Context: Friend borrowed a great book by Yahtzee Croshaw, "Jam"]

Friend: I'm liking Jam a lot.

Me: Sweet. Glad you got absorbed in it. It's a berry good book. So many sticky situations for the seed of character development.

Friend: *turns off phone*

Someone should make a berry picking simulator.

It should be called "Black and Blue".

What do you get if you cross a blueberry with a raspberry?

A blue\-ass berry, motherfucka!

What is a desperate strawberry?

A berry on its last straw...

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I asked my friend, who was very much alive, if he'd choked to death on a berry.

Acai escaped his lips.

What looks like half a berry?

The other half.

What do you call a berry with a sore throat?

A raspberry!

Fruity Traffic

What did the berry say to the slow driving pit fruit?
Come on man-go

Mr. Watermelon and his Honey Melon are berry in love..

"We must throw a wonderful wedding and invite all of our fruity friends!"

"Are you sure we cantaloupe?"

Berry joke, Mr. Watermelon and his Honey Melon are berry in love..

What do you call a sad banana?

A blue berry.

How is Bettie Page like the owner of a gorilla who throws fruit?

He has a large berry heaver.

What's black and hanging from a tree in my backyard right now?

A black berry.

Why did the bear eat his phone?

It was a black berry...

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