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The Best jokes about Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro dies in a plane crash. Wanna know why it crashes?


Whats Ben Shapiro's favourite rapper?


Ben Shapiro must really hate winter.

Every other day he's destroying snowflakes.

I went to the Dentist today

Do Ben Shapiro's facts care about my fillings?

What is Ben Shapiro's favorite game to play with friends?


Ben Shapiro is apparently looking for a partner for a hip hop group he wants to start.

He wants to call the duo Pro Tools and makes beats with LOGIC and REASON.

Have you heard of Ben Shapiro's first rap song?

It's featuring Logic.

Why doesn't Ben Shapiro like winter time?

Because of the snowflakes

What would Ben shapiro do if he had to stop 911?

He would destroy the left wing.

People say Ben Shapiro doesn't work out. I disagree

He's the king of progressive overload

Why can't Ben Shapiro fly an airplane?

He always destroys the left wing.

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