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Hanging a Beggar is good in theory, but...

Is actually just Poor Execution

A beggar asks a man for 5 bucks.

Man: "What do you need 5 bucks for?". Beggar: "I need it to buy drugs". Man: "Oh yeah? And how do i know you won't spend it on food?"

There's a crippled old beggar on a sidewalk in El Paso with a sign and a paper cup..

A businessman stops, reads the sign that says 'Disabled Vet' and decides to give him a few dollars.

"Look on the bright side," he says. "Things could be worse- you could be blind!"

"I know what you mean.." says the beggar, "When I was blind, people only gave me pesos!"

Beggar joke, There's a crippled old beggar on a sidewalk in El Paso with a sign and a paper cup..

A beggar once asked me, "Any change?"

I said, "Nope. You're still broke."

Beggars are like mosquitos...

You hope for cold weather, so they will stop bothering you.

I once hired a beggar for my business

I once owned a little cafe. This beggar always stands in front of my door. Out of the goodness of my heart, I hired him. I taught him how to use the power juicer. He could never get it right. And that's when it hit me. Beggars can't be juicers.

How did the beggar survive the gallows?

Poor execution.

Beggar joke, How did the beggar survive the gallows?

There are two types of people on Indian roads

Traffic Police and a beggar.
One doesn't leave you until you give some money and other is the begger.
I told this joke to my friend and he was offended because his father was a traffic police. Then we settled the dispute for 25 dollars

What's the difference between a beggar and a US Politician?

A beggar has retained his integrity.

A beggar walked up to me and said, I haven't eaten anything for days. I just looked at him and said,

"God, I wish I had your willpower"

Two beggers discussing on how to spend their fortunes if they somehow became millionaires..

Beggar 1: I would build a house, marry to a beautiful lady, and live a stable life.

Beggar 2: I will buy a Limousine, and then go for begging in it.

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Beggars can't be choosers

The same goes for morticians

A beggar walks up to a wealthy, upper-class lady and says, "I haven't eaten in three days."

She responds, "You must force yourself! You must force yourself!"

A beggar walks up to an overweight woman who was eating a burger and says,

"I haven't" eaten anything in four days"

She looks at him in awe and says, "God, I wish I had your willpower."

What's the difference between a chef and a beggar?

Whether there's a space between "pan" and "handler".

Why do you always see beggars at protests?

They're always looking for some sort of change!

Beggar joke, Why do you always see beggars at protests?

What does a beggar and a PHP programmer have in common?

They both work on crowded platforms.

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