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What did the DJ order from the deli?

A club sandwich with extra beets.

Classic Music Joke for the ages

A chef was cooking some fresh beets on a REALLY dilapidated, old stove. The stove was hardly putting out any heat at all and he got so frustrated, he kicked the sorry appliance all the way
across the kitchen, shouting as he went.......... ROLL OVER BEET OVEN!!!

What is someone doing when they are disposing of diseased radishes?

Dropping some ill beets.

Beets joke, What is someone doing when they are disposing of diseased radishes?

Why did the rapper go to Whole Foods?

He heard they had fresh beets.

Why do bad farmers make good DJs?

Because they've got sick beets!

Why do clumsy farmers make awesome DJ's?

cause they're always dropping beets

Why was Dr. Dre kicked out of the farmer's market?

He kept dropping the beets.

Beets joke, Why was Dr. Dre kicked out of the farmer's market?

What do you get when you go to a rapper's vegetable farm?

Beets by Dre

What does Dwight Schrute have in common with Greece

A bunch of dead beets.

Why don't the Beastie Boys juggle vegetables anymore?

Because they kept making the beets... MMMMMM DROPPPPP

What do you get when you cross a vegetable with a pronoun?

Beets me.

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Why did the farmer fire the DJ?

Because he kept on dropping beets.

dwights farm as suffered a massive blight, almost bankrupt he was signed for a massive record deal on the condition he give up farming

turns out all he had to do was drop those sick beets

What's Dr. Dre's favorite vegetable?


How do you make a salad wrap?

By adding some beets

Why are organic farmers the best hip hop artists?

Because they make the best beets.

Beets joke, Why are organic farmers the best hip hop artists?

Dance music...

Dance music can be traced back to medieval times when a farmer dropped some heavy beets.

How do farmers get the party started?

They turnip the beets.

Rainn Wilson to star in the next Harry Potter spin off!

Fantastic Beets And Where To Find Them

Why did the farmer have to supplement his income by DJing at night?

because his Beets were sick

What's United Airlines favorite ingredient?


What is the official vegetable of United Airlines?


What's a drummers favorite food?

Shredded beets!

What's a gardener's favorite brand of headphones?


What's Dr.Dre's favourite vegetable?


Why did the DJ get fired from the supermarket?

He kept dropping the beets.

What do you call an abusive vegetable?

Beets me.

How many beets in a bar?

As many as it takes to make a salad.

A struggling SoundCloud rapper decides to get a job as a farmer...

He now produces his own beets

Why do farmers make the best rappers?

Because they always have the freshest beets.

Skrillex isn't allowed into produce markets.

Why? He keeps dropping beets.

If Dwight Schrute gave someone the sex talk

It would be the birds and the beets

How many potatoes can you fit in your mouth?

Maybe you'd be able to find out if you're mouth wasn't always filled with beets.

What do you call Vegan Headphones?


One of my favorite Reagan jokes:

A Soviet Diplomat goes to one of the farms in Russia, and approaches the farmer.

How are the carrots doing? Said the Diplomat.

Oh, the carrots are as big and orange as ever! Replies the farmer.

I see, and how are the beets?

Oh, sir, if Gorbachev saw these beets, he would cry with joy!

And what about the potatoes?

Sir, if we stacked the potatoes, they would be high enough to reach God!

The diplomat stares for a minute. But comrade, we don't believe in god.

Oh, good. Says the farmer. Because there are no potatoes.

If I had to choose, I think I'd rather be a Vegetarian Vampire.

Beets the alternative.

Dr. Dre was arrested at a grocery store today.

He dropped too many beets.

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