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I may be sweet like sugar,

but I'll still beet you with my cane!

What did the garden say when he liked the music?


What did the carrot say to the DJ?

Lettuce Turnip The Beet

Beet joke, What did the carrot say to the DJ?

What did the carrot say to the wheat?

Lettuce rest, I'm feeling beet.


Beethoven dies and is buried. A few days after his burial the locals notice strange
music coming from the burial site. Alarmed, the villagers get the local priest and head
down to the graveyard. And sure enough the sound was coming from Beethoven's grave.
The locals watch as the priest places the side of his head onto the ground.
Deep in concentration he mutters: "Fifth symphony......fourth symphony....third...aha! Beethoven is decomposing!"

When you drop the beet...

...everybody's going to turnip

What did the vegetables say at the garden party?

Lettuce turnip the beet

Beet joke, What did the vegetables say at the garden party?

Beethoven asks his audience: "Is everyone ready to hear some symphonies!?"

The audience cheers as Beethoven exclaims: "I can't hear you!"

Beethoven hyping the crowd.


*crowd cheers*

Beethoven: I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

What did Michael Jackson say to the Vegetables?

Just beet it

When Beethoven passed away, he was buried in a churchyard.

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What was the vegan rock band's first hit?

Lettuce turnip the beet!

Why couldn't the radish finish the race?

He was just a little beet.

Beethoven is on the stage at a concert

"You wanna' hear a symphony?"


"I can't hear you!"

Why didn't Beethoven sell his house?

He put it up Fur Elise!

Why did the vegetable band break up?

They couldn't keep the beet.

Beet joke, Why did the vegetable band break up?

Why was Beethoven making a lot of money?

His property was Fur Elise

Why did Beethoven never answer the doorbell?

They weren't invented yet.

Beethoven must've hated his music...

Sure he spent a lifetime composing, but so far he's spent centuries decomposing.

What did Beethoven the dog shed in a moment of genius?

Fur Elise

Why did the veggie band sound horrible live?

Because they were missing a beet.

did you hear about the clumsy musician who tried gardening?

he dropped the beet

Did you know that Beethoven had a brother?

Everyone called him Beethmicrowave

Why was the clumsy vegetable farmer a good dj?

Because he dropped the beet.

Why did Beethoven get rid of his chickens?

All they said was ,"Bach, Bach, Bach"

Never let anyone tell you what you can and can't do.

Take Beethoven for example, they told him he could not be a musician because he was deaf ... but he didn't listen.

My grandma won the local grocery store's anual dance competition.

She didn't miss a beet.

How do you introduce an exhausted red vegetable to a steak?

"Beat beet, meet meat."

What did the D.J. say to the Vegetable Farmer?

Lettuce turnip the beet.

Why couldn't Beethoven find his teacher?

Because he was Haydn

Why did Beethoven kill his chicken?

Because it kept saying "Bach".

How did Beethoven get to be so famous?

Some people just have mad scales.

What is something that's burried but you can still dance on it?

A beet

What do you call a vegetable that doesn't take care if it's children?

A dead beet dad

How does a beetle serenade his girlfriend?

He sings "I've got you under my chitin".

What is Beethoven doing now?


After Beethoven died and they buried him, you could hear his symphonies from the grave in the descending order, first his symphony No. 9, then No. 8 etc.

He was just decomposing.

Beethoven to his audience:

Beethoven: Make some noise for the next symphony

Audience: YEAAAAAAAAA!!!

Beethoven: I can't hear you

What did the DJ say to the farmer?

Lettuce, turnip, the beet.

I know, it was corny.

Beethoven (to crowd): "Alright... are you guys READY FOR SOME SYMPHONIES?"

Crowd: (*Cheers*)

Beethoven: "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

What do vegetarians say at a rave?

Lettuce Turnip the Beet

What is Beethoven doing in his grave?


What would Beethoven be doing if he were alive today?


What did Beethoven say when it was discovered that he was not actually deaf, and just wearing airpods?

"It smells like baroque in here."

What do Beethoven and the hiphop artist Lil'Jon have in common?


When Beethoven started composing music, people said he wouldn't amount to anything because he was deaf

Fortunately, he didn't listen to the critics

A beetle was happily eating a cucumber, but then the cucumber suddenly was immersed in vinegar

As the beetle started to burn it thought, *"Uh oh, now I'm really in a pickle."*

What's Beethoven doing now?


What are Beethoven and Mozart?

Decomposed Composers

When Beethoven went deaf, his friends told him to give up composing

He didn't listen.

What is Beethoven doing in his coffin?


Why was Beethoven always sad?

Because he never heard anyone give their appreciation for his compositions.

At a Beethoven concert --

Beethoven: You guys ready for some music?

Crowd: YES!

Beethoven: I can't hear you...

What is Beethoven doing right now?


Beethoven was told he wouldn't he able to make music. But did he listen?


What did Beethoven do after he died?

He decomposed.

Why did Beethoven go to the car dealership?

For a lease

Why did Beethoven kill all his chickens?

Because they kept going Bach Bach Bach.

Never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do

Just look at Beethoven, everyone told him he would never be a musician, just because he was deaf. But did he listen?

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