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  1. Did you hear that the beer brewing Company got a new Brewer? He's only got one leg and is in charge of hops

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  1. I believe Jesus worked as a beer brewer. The bible says Hebrews.
  2. Why did the beer brewer hang himself? He had no hops.
  3. I rolled my first joint last night! Today I have an ankle the size of a football. :(
  4. What do you call a brewer's first beer? A rough draft.
  5. Why are beer brewers never sad? Because they're hoppy.
  6. What do a basketball player and a beer brewer have in common? They both have hops.

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Annual Brewers Convention

The CEOs of Budweiser, Heineken and Guinness meet at the annual Brewers Convention. They decide to go for drinks afterwards.
They go to a bar and sit down at a table. The CEO of Budweiser says, "First round is on me!" and orders three Budweisers. They drink and chat, and after a while the CEO of Heineken says, "My turn!" and orders three Heineken.
They drink and talk a bit more, until the CEO of Guinness says, "My turn!" and orders three Dr. Pepper. The others look at him, surprised, and ask him if he doesn't want to drink beer. He replies, "Well, YOU didn't order any beer either, so I thought YOU didn't want to..."

At the international beer brewers conference, an American, German and Mexican meet at the bar after a tiring day of meetings.

The American loudly orders, making sure others around him can hear, "I will have the most favorite beer of my nation, thirst quenching, easy-drinking, transparent like the tear of an infant - BUD LIGHT!! The Mexican then yells, "And I will have the pride of all Mexico, oldest drink of civilized men, flavorful, shiny as amber, amazing CORONA!! Then, the German orders, "I will have a glass of coca-cola." He takes the drink and sips the cold fizzing beverage. Everyone is in shock. The American asks him, "Why didn't you order a Heineken?"
"Solidarity," answers the German. "You guys aren't drinking beer, so I'm not either."

Brewers Convention

There's a big convention of brewers from all over the world. At the end of the first day, Nils, Hank and p**... go for a drink together to share their thoughts. They get settled at the bar, and the landlord comes over to take their order.
Nils says, "I've worked for Carlsberg for ten years, so I'll have a Carlsberg." The landlord gets a glass, pulls a pint, and hands it to Nils.
Hank says, "Gee, I've been at Busch for twenty years: I'm having a Bud." The landlord takes a bottle from under the bar, opens it, and hands it over.
Then it's p**...'s turn. "To be sure, I've worked at Guinness since I was a wee boy, thirty years ago, but I'll have a lemonade," he says.
The other two look at him in disbelief. He turns to the landlord, shrugs his shoulders, and say "Well, if this pair aren't drinking beer, I'm not going to be the odd one out!"

Only Beer drinkers would understand

In Amsterdam, a world wide convention of brewers was held.
The presidents of many of the world's greatest breweries were on hand, and many of them decided to go out for dinner together on the first evening.
The waiter asked what they would like to drink, and the CEO of Miller said, The Best Beer in the world, an MGD please!
The president of Budweiser asked for The King of Beers, make it a Bud! .
Adolph Coors requested a From mountain spring water, the clearest beer, a Coors if you don't mind.
And so it went around the large table, each president asking for the brew from his own company as if it was the best.
Finally, the waiter came to Arthur Guinness.
And you sir? he queried.
I'll have a Coke! was Guinness's reply.
A Coke??!? The waiter was shocked.
Wouldn't you rather have a Guinness, sir?
Arthur looked at the waiter, and gestured to his companions. Well, he said, If they're not drinking beer, then neither will I!