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I went to a beekeeper to get 12 bees. He counted and gave me 13.

Sir, you gave me an extra. That's a freebie.

I went to a beekeeper.

I asked him for a dozen bees.

When he counted them out, there were 13.

I said "hey, you gave me an extra one."

He said "that's a freebie."

A man walks into an apiary and asks for a dozen bees.

The beekeeper nods and carefully counts out 13 bees. The man realizes this and points it out, "That's one too many.

*"No worries. It's a freebie."*

I went to the beekeeper to get 12 bees.

He counted and gave me 13.

Sir, you gave me an extra , I said.

That's a freebie.

A beekeeper was asked which species of bees he found to be the most pretty.

His reply: "Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder"

A beekeeper gave me 13 bees instead of 12

Don't worry , she said, it's a freebee

I went to buy a dozen bees

The beekeeper gave me thirteen.

I said, "Hey, you gave me one too many."

He said, "That's a freebie."

Beekeeper joke, I went to buy a dozen bees

Moving the Hive

I'm a devoted beekeeper, so when my wife and I decided to move to a new house I carefully packed up my favorite hive and placed it in the car. My wife asked "are you really going to put a swarm of bees into our car with us ?" I thought she understood that I couldn't leave my best queen and hive behind.

But then I saw her face, now I'm a bee leaver.

A beekeeper said he wanted to train his hives to work with stitching and rope. I asked him if he really thought that would work, and he nodded and said

May bee sew, may bee knot

I've been a beekeeper for years and when my crush said "It's me or it's those n**... insects, make up your mind", at first I didn't think she was serious.

Then I saw her face.

Now I'm a bee-leaver.

A local beekeeper was selling his bees for 5 dollars each.

"5 dollars for a single bee?! That's ridiculous," I complained.

"Well, if you don't like the price, you can select from that hive over there, those are freebies."

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I used to be a beekeeper

I remained so until the Monkees came to my town. Rather than take care of my apiary, my girlfriend wanted me to take her to the concert. I didn't think she was serious, but then I saw her face. Now I'm a bee-leaver.

What do beekeepers say when they go to work?

"Alright, let's get down to beeswax!"

How do beekeepers keep their bees so chill?

They smoke them out.

Why do all Beekeepers end their day at the bar?

They enjoy a good Buzzzzzzzz

Why did the beekeeper work so hard?

No Honey, No Money

Beekeeper joke, Why did the beekeeper work so hard?

So a beekeeper was trying out a new drink called Beauty, when some of it splashed into his eye.

I guess Beauty really is in the eye of the bee-holder.

Only a beekeeper can decide what is beautiful

Because beauty is in the eye of the bee holder

My friend the beekeeper was looking fondly at something...

I personally found it to be quite ugly, but then I realized and told him "I guess beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder"

Why are beekeepers opposed to keeping gorillas in captivity?

They're ape purists

Why did the eyeglasses model become a beekeeper?

He heard that beauty was in the eyes of the bee holder.

What did the kleptomaniacal compulsive liar say when his beekeeper friend asked him what he was running away with?

"None of your beeswax!"

What do you say to a naughty beekeeper?

Please beehive...

What did the beekeeper say to the thief?

That's none of your beeswax.

I own a successful company with over 30 000 workers.

Everything goes fine with girls until they find out I'm a beekeeper.

Beekeepers were brought in to the white house in D.C. because of a honeybee nest. Too bad they couldn't do anything about those old wasps.

Beekeeper joke, Beekeepers were brought in to the white house in D.C. because of a honeybee nest. Too bad they could

What did the Muslim Zoophiliac say when he found out his friend was a beekeeper?

"d**... out for Haram Bee"

A beekeeper talks about the dangers of his job.

"Of course you have to be carefull you won't get stabbed by one of those creatures, but that's a part of living in a multicultural society."

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