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Did you hear about the bed bug band?

They mostly play covers

(OC my dudes, read em and weep)

WANTED: Large amount of rats, mice and bed bugs

… as my current rental agreement requires me to leave the apartment in the condition it was when I moved in.

If bed bugs are found in beds

Who came up with cockroaches?

Bed Bug joke, If bed bugs are found in beds

If bed bugs live in beds...

then does that mean cockroaches and butterflies live in...?

Did you hear about the Bed Bugs getting married?

The wedding was held in the spring.

Did you hear about the pregnant bed bug?

She's gonna have her baby in the spring.

Did you hear about the bed bugs that fell in love?

They're getting married in the spring.

Bed Bug joke, Did you hear about the bed bugs that fell in love?

What do you call a bunch of bed bugs?

A sheet-load.

Just slept with a species from another genus...

I hate having bed bugs

What do you call a large group of bedbugs?

Bunk bed bugs

If bed bugs are found on beds

Where are cockroaches found?

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What do you call a Bed Bug in a recliner?

A LazyBoy!!!!

What is it called when the Dalai Lama and all his friends get reincarnated as bed bugs at the Marriott?

Grand Buddha-Pest Hotel

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