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Why don't the Beastie Boys juggle vegetables anymore?

Because they kept making the beets... MMMMMM DROPPPPP


Beastiality is wrong.

Neigh means neigh.


If the Beast got Febreeze for his lady's room...

...would that make him the Fresh Prince of Belle's Air?


The beastie boys have released a 5 part greatest hits collection.

Parts A, B, C and D are pretty easy to get.
But you have to Fight for your right to Part E.....


Beastiality is the biggest obstacle to create a


What did the beastiality paedophile say to his boss?

I can't come in today, I'm feeling a little hoarse


Why ia a haunted honeycomb x-rated?

Because it's full of boo beas!


Beastie Boys is putting out another album!

Update: It's been cancelled due to sabotage.


What is the Beasts (Beauty and the Beast) favorite kind of food?

Taco Belle


What would a beast pay for a clock

A cogsworth.


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