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What are some Beams jokes?

Fine Bros can't sue metal beams,

Because they don't react to jet fuel.

A girl with a lithp goes to a doctor.

The doctor puts his stethoscope on her chest and says "big breaths." The girl beams proudly and says "Yeth! I am only thixteen!"

I like to call steel beams "cats."

People often look at me oddly, but then I explain it to them:

"CFe lines!"

The foreman at my bridge construction site is always rushing things. But when I got the beams set ahead of schedule he didn't believe me.

Nobody expects the span is in position.

What would be the American version of "Duck Quacks Don't Echo"?

"Jet Fuel Don't Melt Steel Beams".

Why would George W Bush be a bad blacksmith?

He apparently can't melt steel beams.

After hours of working on every syllable of this masterpiece, I bring you a haiku I've titled "Truth in hindsight"

The sky is blue

The grass is green

Jetfuel can't melt steel beams

"Pikachu, use astonish!"

*Leans into opponent's ear*

"Jet fuel can't melt steel beams."

how do you keep one building up forever?

you add support beams.
how do you keep up two?
you keep it away from muslims

What's the secret ingredient in Bush's Baked Beams?


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