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What did the Soviets had which the new Battlefront won't?

A space mode.

So I tried to play the Battlefront 3 beta today...

But I couldn't play Hoth, because my computer kept freezing.

What do you call a Battlefront without EA?


Battlefront joke, What do you call a Battlefront without EA?

EA announced 3x more content for battlefront 2.

Don't get too excited, 3 x 0 is still no content.

Have you heard about the PR disaster at EA over Battlefront 2?

*60,000 credits*

Star Wars Battlefront ll

If I had a dollar for every downvote EA"s comment gets....

I would have enough money to unlock half of the Battlefront 2 heroes without having to grind them.

Battlefront joke, If I had a dollar for every downvote EA"s comment gets....

I'm sick and tired of EA's microtransaction on Battlefront 2.

An old habit never DICE, I guess.

Unlike Battlefront II... [NSFW]

My light saber doesn't require 40 hours of grinding to get it up.

What do you gain after grinding 40 hours to unlock Darth Vader in Star Wars: Battlefront II?

Star Wars Battlefront II AMA

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Gamers say video games don't encourage violence.

Yet this new Star Wars Battlefront has got everyone wielding pitchforks.

What's similar between the United States Military and Battlefront 2?

Both require over six hundred billion dollars a year to stay ahead of the rest of the competition

People are complaining that games are too short but

New Battlefront has 4500 hours of gameplay and people are still complaining!

I heard that Battlefront II removed microtransactions.

I guess you can say the game is Crystal clear.

What's the most powerful Star Card in Star Wars Battlefront II?

Your credit card.

Battlefront joke, What's the most powerful Star Card in Star Wars Battlefront II?

What's the difference between the Justice League reshoots and unlocking all the heroes in Battlefront 2?

One was only slightly cheaper than the other.

Black Friday sale on Star Wars Battlefront 2

Save up to $2160 by not buying it

Black friday tomorrow and SW Battlefront 2 is most likely to appear.

Please, carefully avoid getting trampled by people moving as far as possible from stand displaying the game itself.

If I had a dollar for every BattleFront 2 meme I saw. I still wouldn't be able to afford it.

What is better than finishing my 13 page Physics lab report?

The sense of pride and accomplishment I got from grinding out Darth Vader in Battlefront 2.

What's worse than EA's use of lootboxes in BattleFront?

The Holocaust

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone bashing EA . . .

I still wouldn't have enough to unlock everything in Battlefront 2

My dad loves Battlefront 2 and praises EA whenever he plays it.

Should I tell him they made another battlefront 2 recently?

Had a dream that I was playing as Darth Vader in Battlefront 2

Woke up and couldn't find my wallet.

First LuscasArts, now EA

Probably won't make it to Star Wars Battlefront 3 either.

What do you get when you combine Battlefront II with the internet of 2018?

Pai to play

If I had a dollar for every time someone called me a lame gamer…

I would have Darth Vader on Star Wars: Battlefront II

How's that for lame?

Battlefront 2 has a total of 500 viewers on Twitch right now...

Was playing Battlefront 2 the other day and found out you can play Yoda dressed as a woman...

...EA and their micro trans-action...

Why didn't cops like EA's Star Wars Battlefront II at launch?

Lack of squads.

I asked a Japanese exchange student if he knew what company made the new Star Wars Battlefront

he said "iie"

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