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What did the baseball glove say to the player?


When is Baseball a sexual sport?

When the batter drives it deep

Why was the baseball team hot?

It didn't have any fans!

Basebal joke, Why was the baseball team hot?

Baseball, old one from my dad.

Little Stephen wanted to play baseball, so he went and rounded up his friends and his last stop was at Timmy's.

*knock on the door*

"oh hi Stephen, what brings you over? " ask Timmy's mom.

" Can Timmy come out and play baseball? "

" Now Stephen, you know Timmy doesn't have any arms or legs" says Timmy's mom.

"Oh I know, " says Stephen" we just want to use him for first base. "

New to Baseball

Coming home from his Little League game, Billy swung open the front door very excited. Unable to attend the game, his father immediately wanted to know what happened. "So, how did you do son?" he asked.

"You'll never believe it!" Billy said. "I was responsible for the winning run!"

"Really? How'd you do that?"

"I dropped the ball."

Baseball in Heaven

Moe and Sam, who were both 90 years old, loved baseball, and they had their entire life. One day, they were sitting together on a bench in their neighborhood when Moe turns to Sam and says:

"Will you promise me something? Promise me that if you die first and go to heaven, you'll come back and tell if there's baseball there."

Sam agreed, and made Moe promise the same. 3 months later, Sam died, and the next week Moe woke up in his sleep with someone calling his name.

"Who's there?" he called out.

"Moe! It's me Sam!"

"Sam! It's so good to hear you! How's heaven?" Moe asked.

"It's great, but I've some news, some good and some bad" Sam told him.

"Well tell me the good news first" Moe replied.

"Ok, the good news is that, there is baseball in heaven."

"That's great." Moe exclaimed, "What's the bad news?"

"Well, the bad news is that I was reading the lineup, and you're pitching on Friday."

What's a baseball players favorite type cake?

A bundt cake.

Basebal joke, What's a baseball players favorite type cake?


A man, Tom was with his friend, Larry, Larry was about to die. "Let me know if there's baseball in heaven". said Tom. The next day as Tom was sleeping he woke up to Larry's voice.
"Tom, I have good news and bad news." "What's the good news"?
asked Tom. "There is baseball in heaven". explained Larry. "What's the bad news"? asked Tom "You're pitching Tuesday". said Larry

José goes to his first baseball game..

José is from Mexico and is touring America. He had just come home from his first baseball game.

Friend: So, José, how was your first baseball game?

José: Oh, it was wonderful! Right before the game, they sang to me!

Why are baseball players so cool?

They always have their fans around.

Did you know the first baseball game was held in the Garden of Eden?

Eve stole first, Adam stole second, and Abel struck out.

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A baseball walks into Wimbledon.

The announcer yells "Hey, we don't serve your kind"

Baseball Players

No matter how amazing baseball players are they're still hit and miss.

Why was the baseball player arrested?

He was involved in a hit-and-run.

I was looking at the baseball, trying to figure out why it was getting larger.

Then it hit me.

On the baseball diamond, I'm like a T-Rex.

I have a short arm.

Basebal joke, On the baseball diamond, I'm like a T-Rex.

When using the baseball analogy what is an inside-the-park home run?

Having sex while she's asleep. You gotta be quick

I went to a baseball game with my dad last night.

It was pretty fun, we even got on the jumbotron! Then I noticed it was the Emotional Unavailability Cam.

Why did the baseball player fail at the math test?

He used base 3.

Baseball baking

What's the difference between a baseball cupcake and a baseball muffin...

The batter

In baseball, why does it take longer to get from second to third than any other bases?

Because there's a short stop in between.

What do baseball teams and muffins have in common?

They both rely on a good *batter*

What do a baseball and a Mexican have in common?

The harder you hit it the more English you get

A baseball player was hit in the head with a line drive yesterday...

today he's more open-minded

Baseball fans in Chicago and Boston got married.

It's not a same-sox marriage.

Why did the baseball player take his clothes off after the game?

He wanted to start a winning streak

My baseball coach told me to steal first base..

So I grabbed it and ran as fast as I could!

Why do baseball players use alarm clocks?

It keeps them up, up, and awake

What Baseball league would Russel Westbrook play in?

Triple-Double A.

A baseball player got caught in a pickle yesterday...

I heard it was a really big dill.

A baseball player walking into a bar

He tries to take a shot of whisky but ends up splashing it all over his shirt.
A baseball commentator from the other side of the bar says "A swig and a miss!"

So a baseball rolls into a bar.

The bartender looks at him and says "You must be here for a pitcher!"

[Edit] I'm pretty sure I made this joke up y'all!

A baseball pitcher is walking home...

after a long and exhausting game. Suddenly, bright lights appear in the sky directly above him, and a beautiful angel descends from above, wearing an umpire's mask and a catcher's mitt.

The pitcher looks up, gapes and thinks, "Heavens! She's so pretty."

Without skipping a beat, his shoulders slump back, his grin shines out of his mouth, he winks and says, "Hey baby. Wanna play some catch? Looking up at you makes me want to throw up."

Which baseball player has the shortest commute?

The catcher, he only works from home.

Why do baseball players sleep with random strangers?

Because they like to swing

Why was the baseball stadium in Poland a huge failure?

Pretty much anywhere you sat you were behind a Pole.

What do baseball players do when they get mad?

They go out on strikes

A baseball walks into a bar.

Bartender throws him out.

So I went to my first baseball game...

I thought I knew what to expect, but I couldn't figure out why the ball seemed to get bigger... then it hit me.

Why are baseball stadiums the coolest place to be?

Because it's full of fans!

Why was the baseball player good at writing pop songs?

They were catchy.

Where does baseball appear in the Bible?


In the Big Inning.

Why are baseballers gay?

Because they swing for the home team.

What do baseball pitchers and TSA agents have in common?

Fireworks go off in the sky if they do their job incorrectly.

I have a baseball bat that I've named Curiosity.

It kills cats.

What did the baseball glove say to the baseball?

Catch you later.

What do Nazi's and baseballs have in common?

Everyone cheers when you hit them with a bat.

I was at a baseball game

wondering why the ball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

What do baseball scouts look for when they go to a Mexican restaurant?


What did the pancake say to the baseball player?

Batter up!

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