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I was going to buy some classical CDs...

But it turns out I'm baroque.

What do you call a struggling artist?


Why did the cellist have to sell his instrument?

He was baroque.

Baroque joke, Why did the cellist have to sell his instrument?

Why did Bach have to sell his organ?

Why did Bach have to sell his organ?

A: Because he was baroque.

What do you call an artist who has no money


(I'll just see myself out)

I learned that 17th century French royalty depleted their treasury...

I guess you could say they were baroque.

Was Johann Sebastian Bach wealthy?

No, he was baroque.

Baroque joke, Was Johann Sebastian Bach wealthy?

Why couldn't Handel buy a new violin?

Because he was Baroque.

Which President can play the harpsichord?

Baroque Obama.

So I was listening to classical music really loudly the other day when suddenly...

My speakers Baroque.

What do you call an unemployed classical musician?


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The definition of Baroque:

A time when there is no Monet.

You know the old saying: If it ain't Baroque...

...then it was probably written by more experimental composers after ~1760.

I bought a 400 year-old chair from Italy...

...but as soon as I sat on it, it baroque.

Why did Vivaldi die poor?

Because he was baroque.

Today I learned that johann Sebastian Bach was a big time gambler...

It got so bad that he went baroque.


Baroque joke, Today I learned that johann Sebastian Bach was a big time gambler...

What did the poor composer say to his friend?

I am baroque, can you lend me some money?

Why can't Bach play the piano?

He "Baroque" his arm, and also he's dead.

Did you hear about the new Netflix series? The one about a couple of poor female artists living in 1600s Rome?

I think it's called Two Baroque Girls

What did Bach say when he slammed his finger in the door?

Ow! I think it's baroque!

(I'm so sorry.)

What did the classical-only DJ say?

If it ain't baroque, don't mix it.

Why couldn't Rembrandt afford more paint?

He was Baroque.

Caravaggio was so unappreciated in his time, he never sold a single painting.

He was baroque.

Why didn't Bach attend Vivaldi's concert?

He was baroque.

Why couldn't Bach pay for his rent?

Because he was a Baroque composer.

Did you hear about the classical musician who couldn't find work?

He was Baroque.

I can't listen to my Vivaldi records.

They're all baroque.

What's the slang term for a harpsichord?

A baroque man's piano.

What is a poor man's least favorite genre of music?


I had to pay for everything when I went out with a couple classical musicians

they were completely baroque.

My piano keyboard is stuck on the clavichord sound setting.

I think it might be baroque.

Why couldn't Bach afford a new harpsichord?

He was baroque.

What do you call two classical musicians ending their relationship?

They baroque up

What do you call a poor person living in the 16-1800s


Why can't Bach buy a piano

Because he is Baroque

Why was the computer programmer who was sent back in time to 1700 disappointed?

Because it was all baroque and no byte

Why couldn't Bach afford to feed his family?

Because he was Baroque

Why didn't 18th century composer George Frideric Handel go shopping while he lived in London?

Because he was Baroque.

Why couldn't Bach afford a new baton?

Because he was Baroque

What would you call a famous president in the 17th century?

Baroque Obama.

17th century painter Peter Paul Rubens walks into a bar and orders a drink.

Bartender asks how are you going to pay for that?
Peter Paul Rubens says put it on my tab. I'm baroque.

How can you tell if a church in Europe has no money?

It's Baroque

What did Beethoven say when it was discovered that he was not actually deaf, and just wearing airpods?

"It smells like baroque in here."

A classical musician bought a Stradivari violin

Now he is quite Baroque.

I saw a new music shop in town that only services instruments made between the years 1600 and 1750.

"If It Ain't Baroque, Don't Fix It"

What's a poor artist's favourite style?


My client is very particular about which classical albums she wants me to restore...

If it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.

What did the 18th century European say when he checked his bank account?

"Oh no! I'm baroque!"

A building inspector for an old European town found that all buildings built between 1584 and 1750 had significant structural flaws.

Otherwise, if it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.

Why couldn't bach play the piano?

It was baroque

My friend spends 75% of his time playing American Football and the other 25% playing Baroque music.

He's a quarterbach.

Why was Rembrandt not allowed to by new art supplies?

He was too Baroque

What do you call a poor classical pianist?


Johann Sebastian Bach finds a time machine...

Johann Sebastian Bach finds a finds machine and comes to present time. He walks into a bar and finds a beautiful woman and introduces himself. He asks to buy her a drink, and she says okay, sure. When he gets to the bar he tells the bartender that he actually doesn't have any American money. The woman hears him and scoffs, I knew I shouldn't have talked to your Baroque ass.

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