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What do you call 18 year old wheat?

Barley legal.

They asked me earlier today what is beer made of

Unfortunately I didn't know the answer as I barley pay attention to those facts.

I was thinking of making puns about grain...

But most people can *barley* stand it.

Yes, I know. That was pretty *corny*. You're probably thinking, "*Rye* did you do this?" I'm probably going too *farro* with this. I'm sorry

Why did Barley keep dating abusive women?

Because he was a gluten for punishment.

What is a man....

When he's only had one beer? Barley hoppy.

What is a man after he's had several beers? Very hoppy.

A joke for farmers

Three farmers were in prison.

One asks another what he did. He replies that he stole trailer load of wheat and got 1 year. He asks what the first farmer did. He said that he stole a lorry load of barley and got 2 years.

He then asks what the third farmer was in for. Rape, the third farmer replies. Shocked, the first farmer exclaimed "Christ, how much did you steal?!"

My law firm specializes in grain futures contracts.

Barley Legal

A gang made up of domesticated wheat, barley and hops plants are reported to have been looting and rioting all over the country

Police say they are farmed and dangerous.

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