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A Barge Carrying Vegetables Sinks In a Harbor...

The disaster report claimed the boat had too many leeks.

How do you celebrate Christopher Columbus day?

Barge into your neighbor's home and claim it as yours.

The joke my grandma told me when i came out

Two gay guys are standing on top of the statue of liberty looking out over the harbor. The first points out a boat and asks "what kind of boat is that?" "Oh that's a barge" replied the other this continued for a while when the first pointed out another and the other replied "that's a ferry ship." the first paused and thought for a moment before replying "i knew we were organized but i didn't realize we had a navy "

There's a new Indian open on a boat on the canal round corner from my house...

...It's called the Onion Barge.

Two sheep barge into a barber's shop.

"We will not go woolenly!" they said.

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